Well everyone should know the importance of recycling
But I can't seem to see people using the facilities provided
As part of the Leo Club activities,
I "volunteered" to organise the event
Students didn't know which material goes into which bins
EVEN after papers were labelled onto the bins
Either they couldn't bother to read or they were just PLAIN STUPID!
Collaborated with Monash
We got more recyclables than we should haveTransferring to the foyer
Sorting the materials into their respective categoriesPartially sorted materials
The categories were :
Black n' White Paper, Newspapers, Cardboards, n' Mixed PaperRanked from the most expensive to the least
We did however managed to collect funds to help Madam Kang
At the end of the day,
That's all that matters =)

Pictures taken thanx to Tze Yuen!

Drift King xD

It was just another Monday when the incident just so happened
Was in lecture before an sms popped outta nowhere
Take a look at what really happenedThis is what happened =P
Kinda pro at drifting huh?One of the wheels wasn't even touching the ground...
On top of that, so many passer-by that stop/slow down to have a sneak peek
You might think this is a secluded area
BUT, this is definitely a well-known area despite the 'jungle' backgroundTried all kinds of things,
From pulling/pushing (for picture purposes - pulling will get you killed)
to calling the mechanics at the workshop nearbyNothing worked obviously.
so one by one, they climbed on top of the vehicleNope not done yetThat's bout the all the people who helped the drift king
excluding me n' Andrew the photographer
We finally resort to calling the tow truck
n' it only took 1 minute or so to get the car out of the mess

Lesson : Do not drift your car...
PS : Do not ask the mechanics help as they just 'slaughter' you with just minimum amount of work

Pictures - Andrew
Stunt master - Terry