Environmental Camp!~

It was a trend for every Tropicana leader to lead a major event
As for me, the Environmental Camp was considered my prime :)

Registrations at the booth
The event kicked off with an icebreaker to get to know one another better
3 groups were formed.
Each group were given the following items throughout the duration of the camp
Team BigCheese constructing their group identity
Isn't it obvious their identity resembles cheese?
Team Sushi with their Shoooshhhhh cheer xD
Look what decided to drop in during Team Hurricane's cheer
The cat was an unofficial member of the Environmental Camp :D
Our lunch catered by Lunchbox
Not everyone was having a normal lunch
June here decided to be unique
Preparing the lecture theater for the special speaker from WWF
Brandon Liu n' his assistant Hazel leading the talk
Oh btw, did I mention the possibility of stealing other group's identity?
Briefing for Eco-Scavenger Hunt, the main highlight of the camp!
Team Sushi with Weng Howe n' Andrew onlooking
Andrew came as the official first aider for the camp
Weng Howe again with Team BigCheese
Team Hurricane being the first on the move...
The Sushi's decided that there was still time to camwhore n' so they did
BigCheese's human pyramid
Spot the BigCheese within the picture =P
The date for Earth Hour 2011
Hurricane putting the puzzle pieces together
Ever notice the existence of the birdhouse in Monash?
Now you do! xD
A group pic of Team Sushi n' Weng Howe with their completed puzzle!
Think you know how to count? Well, think again!
BigCheese with their identity, stolen identity n' last but not least the EC poster
Sushi managed to come in first place for this activity!
n' so lucky of them to retrieve their sushi back :)
Instructions for Blind Man's Treasure
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the activity was delayed
as our immediate past president, Melissa wasn't able to stand it...
Leading them to Staff Lounge
Future Tropicana Leader nominees, my successor!
Members were to sketch map for their group leaders
who will lead the blindfolded members to the treasures
Camwhore with Sushi again -.-|||
Weng Howe messing with BigCheese at library rooftop
Never knew the spectacular view during nightfall
Hurricane rolling pieces for the formation of a steady tower
What did I tell ya?
The cat was attached to us :)
Stacking up the magazines n' newspapers
Hurricane's tower
Leaning tower of Sushi!
The winner for the biggest n' fattest cheese!!!
oops i meant tower =p

Stay put for Part 2!


Letter regarding my internship had finally arrived!

You have now satisfied the vacation employment requirement in accordance
with the Bachelor of Engineering regulations!
I'm glad that's over!


Friends - Only some are worth it
People seriously need to think twice before talking bullsh*t
The next time I listen to your trashtalk, I will personally look into it

Yeah x3

Mid-sem break when we had some time to chill
Went to MoS though I wish we hadn't...
Probably because it was ladies night -.- that it was so dull

Just a few secs after we passed Happy Hour
Though it was a wee bit more expensive but we had our fair share of fun
Terry's split personality - a chimpanzee xD
Addicted to Yeah x3 by Chris Brown
Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!
Andrew so looks like a stalker here >_<
Scary, don't ya think?
A priceless picture of the couple ♥
Boon, me, Kong, CW n' Terry
all a lil bit tipsy!
Sleepiness kicks in. It was almost 3 in the morning!
Looks like high heels are a killer during clubbing =P

Credits to JeeYing!