Bdae Streak!!!

This would be the fourth n' last of the bdae streak...
The lucky person was none other than Brandon Choong!

Isn't it obvious that this was a surprise? haha
We celebrated at Chilli's in MidValley
My PIC in Leo, Boon Hoe Fong xD
Can't keep track with the number of PIC's I have...
That's June acting cute @ the end of the table, *bluek*
Bdae boy n' me
Random Fact 1 : I've a long sleeve n' a short sleeve on the other
Random Fact 2 : It looks like I'm poking his ****
Coincidentally, his celebration falls on the same day
where MU n' Liverpool had their match
The guy holding BC's bdae cake was another Liverpool fan
Brandon with his presents!!!
I had to sacrifice to get the doms T.T
n' once again, an outing would never be complete
until we have a group picture!

Credits to Brian for the wonderful pics ;)

HanYin's BigDay!

Four bdae celebrations in two weeks time!
Burning a hole in my pocket,
but it's all gooood =P

This time round was Han Yin's bdae
Celebrated at Alexis in MidValley
It was nice of her friends to invite us over to surprise her! =)
Three groups of her friends made it.
This was her college friends I guess
Just look at the price...
A lil' sidetrack
June got a new haircut with fringe xD
Us with Han Yin @ Alexis
Can you imagine going to Alexis with Secret Recipe cake? lol
Bdae gurl n' I
One last pic as we were just about to leave
Very nice interior design!
Even to the extend of their neighbour copying their design
An official celebration at Han Yin's house in Puchong
Camwhoring session after the cake cutting session was over!
Looks like Han Yin is the only one on the ground xD
Kinda obsessed with jumping / flying shots recently

All pictures courtesy of Brian Chye!

Good Ol' Days =)

Small gathering with my ex-roommates and housemates
Most of them are 6 years older than me
It's good to know i can click with em xD
Jason Lim, Toastmasters xD
Boon Ann, ACCA graduate
Aaron Law, IT expert
Yong, my current coursemate in Monash
Just a small gathering for the 5 of us.
Pool, bowling, n' blowing water!
Ashame this two A-holes can't join us xD
one back in Ipoh while the other in the States
Good ol' days
where we eat dinner, dota, crap n'
went to late night supper at Jaafar =)
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Back in Church

Back in Subang after internship,
Been some time since I went church
especially when weekend is the only time I get to rest

Tong Shin's house in Klang,
Shirley's Disciple Group
Sarah n' Jay Sern's bdae surprise at some Jap restaurant in Empire
Tough job putting everything into action
with the help of their parents, it was definitely surprising
This would be my first and last bdae cards I would be making!
Not bad huh for a newbie? xD
It's not as easy as it looks
First service after being absent for some time...
My PIC in church =)
Ian Chua!
At dimsum restaurant, Old Klang Road
First visit was still alright
After the third visit, it was kinda 'jelak'
This was my fav!
'Lau Sa Pau'
Spicy Dumplings!
Tasted like honey stars!
This was on the house...
Free items depending on the manager likes you or otherwise

Internship Finally Oooover!

Not to say the days spent during internship is worthless,
but I still prefer my lepak-ing and yum-chaing days
So, it had finally came to an end!!!

Some pictures before I left the company,
Of course the people there are awesome =)
Kak Fiza, my first department head
Learnt loads of things in terms of quality from her.
Well, she is the head of Quality Control. lol
My two international colleagues,
Not too sure with the spelling of their names
Miss Liew, one of the boss in the company
Brings me lepak while accompanying her buy stuff for company
Miss Wong, the colleague sitting opposite of me
The one who teaches me loads of stuff n'
carries on with my silly jokes xD
Miss Chooi, sitting next to me
Always borrowing me equipments when in need
Cindy - Miss Lan-Ric
Surprisingly, she's the same age as me
Going to further her studies soon I guess?
Mr Lai, my supervisor? haha
My lunch kaki n' crap kaki *lol*
Ah Soon, basically my PIC
Loads of fun hanging out with him during working hours
They even got me a gift
Parker Pen with my name written on it =)
Appreciate loads guys!
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Down to Klang!

Thanks to a bunch of the gang leaving for Aussie,
I was forced to take leave n' meet up with 'em in Klang
Went to 'bai nian' at Kai Zen n' Paul's house before heading over to Jon's
I must say, it's a much better profit over in Selangor compared to Perak XD

Some camwhoring at Jon's awesome place!
We did had a filling dinner before this
Both Alex n' Xander helped out with the food
The engineering gang n' a few others =p
Can you imagine his area is gate-less?
This must be dreamland for thieves. lol
After almost all left, we stayed back for Blackjack
where Terry was supposedly 'good' at this game
Unfortunately for me, I only had Blackjack during the tryout round -.-
Kim n' KZ
The one whose leaving n' the one that just came back
The only couple in our gang - Terry n' Jee Ying
Last group pic before the three rascals sitting left for Aussie...
Another month or so till I see 'em next,
It's gonna be like old times again! =)

Picture courtesy of Mr Kim!