Jjang Not!

Just a random dinner outing at Uncle Jang
I'm not sure whether the jang in this context means awesome
To be honest, I feel the previous korean meal I had tasted better
But, in terms of popularity, Uncle Jang wins hands down

They should have added some pork into the mixture of chicken n' veges
This is how you camwhore when they don't allow you in the picture
It's time to dig in!

Wedding Bells ♪

Siewmin is getting married, the first among my Chinese friends
It's been awhile since I've seen them
Those were the days when I was back in the cell group
Hope everything is going well =)

At the wedding ceremony with the boys
How times have change us for better or for worse
Good to have you here with us buddy ^_^
Meet my neighbour =)
Miss Famous
This was the E7 family
Get a baby soon! =D

Pictures courtesy of Joan
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Annyeonghaseyo 2014!!!

Few days into the year of the horse,
we decided to have korean bbq for lunch
whilst celebrating Jen Han & Kurt's first birthday with us ;)

Look at the turnout!
Seems that the availability at the beginning of the year is much better
Ayami Korean Chicken BBQ
The place is kinda hard to locate though
Another year older guys!
I forgot to mention wiser ;)
Us in 2014
Let's hope everything is smooth sailing!

Ushering the Year of the Horse!

This year's theme is 马到功成
For all those banana's out there like me
It literally means when the horse arrives, work will get done
Anyways, the new year is always something to celebrate about ^_^

Nothing better than a group of brahs gossiping together haha
Of course in this case, we're not alone
The standard procedure is to let the camera have its food first before yourself XD
So... I guess we're celebrating my birthday? haha
Last time I recalled when the waiter did not light the candles was Boon's birthday
You shall not blow out my candle, howling wind!
Why follow the trend?
Dare to be different!
Haha, next time let's skip the cake ^_^
Your company would suffice!
Looks like Kylie ain't the only one knowing how to camwhore
Can't you let a guy eat in peace?
Okay, I'm officially saturated right now ='(
New Year celebration, a view from my car
Touchdown at Publika carpark!
Thanks all for the day =)

Credits to Kylie!


Can't you see it's a portmanteau?
We're celebrating for Michelle
After their wedding dinner, obviously not theirs...
If not, we would have been invited =P

I know it's almost Christmas but nope we're not here for the festive season
I guess it won't be easy to miss out my wish!
Creative leh? haha
On the contrary, drinks are not on me >.<
Yeap, those eye catching specs are definitely bought by Brandon
Hakuna Matata guys!

Special thanks to the BC's