2012 Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year again!
Friends, red packets, gambling, food!
Everything you need to know about this festive season!

Pass me the camera!
Our first stop, Michelle's house!
四大天王 XD
So gay =P
Our next destination, Weng Howe's place!
Colourful colour combination! =P
Thorn among the roses
A magic trick I've recently learnt
Shu Shan's house for lunch *paise*
Awesome food cooked by her dad =D
That's all for now ;)

Credits to MJLP!

Birthdays in January! =)

Since there's so many birthdays in January,
I shall sum it all in this post >.<
Both friends were my A Level's buddies.
 It's been awhile but I think we're starting to catch up lately.

First up, Yi Fon's birthday
That's the birthday boy >.<
We had potluck at Fon's house n'
they decided to drink right after =.=|
Card games for entertainment
Sharon n' myself
I don't think I can play those games well *lol*
Still prefer puzzle games =P
Birthday boy with his birthday cake ^_^
Sunway A Level's group 2007/2008
 Our group picture =D

Guo Joon's birthday celebration at Grand Dorsett Hotel
The ambience was extraordinary but the food wasn't worth the price
The lovebirds >.<
Lucky it wasn't an all guys party
Sharon did a great job in getting all of them for the celebration
Happy Birthday Joon! XD
One cake by Sharon n' another complimentary from the buffet.
Our smaller Monash-ian group picture

Pictures courtesy of Sharon n' Huan!

Chien's Back-2-Back Surprise!

Initially the 'celebration' was suppose to be at Clarke Quay
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to improvise
The 'celebration' took place as soon as we arrived in Subang!
This was the first surprise =)

Fortunate for us, Boon Hoe came n' picked us up for dinner
We had our dinner at Boston
Took awhile for me to get the dessert to the table without being spotted
Birthday girl =)

The 5 of us celebrating her first surprise!

That's not all.
Made a call to her mom informing her about the scheme we had.
The cake with some modification done by Boon Hoe =.=|||
Preparation for the real deal!
What do you think? Surprised enough? LOL
Changed before her pajamas got captured on screen again
the Official cutting cake ceremony!
Certificate in appreciation of being the Funding Director.
Saw series.
Chien n' myself
As usual, our family portrait =P
This prezzie came from our Singapore trip! ^_^
Have you start using your birthday present?
I really wonder O.o

Pictures courtesy of MJLP! =)

Elysia's Belated Belated Birthday!

A January baby whose celebration ended up all the way in May!
She wasn't in Subang to begin with >_<
It's the thought that counts right?

 Her birthday cupcakes!
She was wondering whose birthday it was
Of course, she didn't know we were celebrating for her!
Card done by Siew Min, our cg leader =)
E7 group picture, though it will never be a complete one

Happy belated birthday Elysia!
An awesome year awaits for ya! ;)

Credits to Joan Chen!


I've gotten sick due to assignments, final year projects n' Leo Club events.
A banana a day keeps the doctor away! >_<
Hope I'll recover soon enough =)

Universal Studios!

As the name suggest, our venue is at Universal Studios!
For SGD68, it's a lil too pricy as there are limited amount of rides.
However, it is a once in a lifetime experience to have an incredible amount of fun!
I'll let the pictures do the talking now :)

 Look who decided to drop in from Australia?
Tada! Presenting to you - Universal Studios!
 Though it ain't a perfect picture, but at least it's complete! =)
The latest addition to the rides in USS!
 Some ancient Transformer language perhaps?
All Spark!
3D glasses for the ride.
Activation code inserted! 

Preparations for war!
 Bumblebee!!! ♥
Ready to rumble 
 Yours truly ^_^
Some new recruit from Autobots for the storyline
 Battleship Galactica, the most 'fearsome' ride.
That's what they say -.-
It's not exactly Jurassic Park
 Passing through to enter Waterworld!
 Death defying stunts!
Awesome explosions n' thrills
Cast n' crew of the sensational water show!
 Look what they did to me *haha*
Far Far Away~~~
Puss in Boots special concoction? 
 Unable to meet Shrek n' the others D=
Dungeons n' Dragons!

 Excalibur? *lol*
Let's Boogie!
 King Julien's Shack
The Chinaman n' myself! XD
Captain Skipper
Alex n' Marty
Madagascar characters =)
 Marilyn Monroe n' the gals
 Frankenstein almost strangled me to death -.-|
 Kung Fu Panda, Po!
Looks like they have the same baggage =P
 We almost knocked him off his feet. >_<
 Some street performance
 I like to move it, move it!
 The other two penguins were busy with other people.
Heading back for Battleship Galactica
 It wasn't this terrifying. No worries ^_^
 Monsters singing =S
Knackered n' I got sick during dinner!!!
I was waiting his appearance almost the whole day!
Woody Woodpecker!
Hershey's! YUM YUM =P
One last picture before leaving! 
 Chee Sheun brought us around for dinner!
Famous satay
 Cheap dinner FTW!
 Customer Feedback Book
We ♥ Beary Nice!

Pictures courtesy of Brian Chye!