Luan's Final Week in M'sia

It has been almost 5 years staying in M'sia
We all know that it'll come to an end one day
That day was 15th of April 2010
Had a small gathering/farewell for himWhile waiting for the food to arrive,
snapped a side view of Aaron.
He said side view not yeng wor, only can take front view of him =PEric n' LuanThe vietnamese n' Yong
Boon Ann - thumb's up to who knows what?Aaron n' the idiot who left M'sia!Him again n' Boon AnnMy previous housemates...
All so 'yau yeng hor'?
I just realised I'm the only guy in the unit who never wore spectacles O.oEric drinking the nth cup of tea
all so that he can cover back the cost of his expenses XDFrankly speaking, I super like this particular pic =D
My face should be in there too >.< The last group pic taken in front of Dragon-IWent over to Asia Cafe to play pool
Possibly the last time we'll ever do anything together again =(Aiya, Fei Kei?Aaron's too professional to miss any shots =P
Boon Ann in sniping position'Lan yeng' for the shot *LOL*Guess where we're at judging by the dessert we ordered?
It's too obvious to get it wrong,
The answer's Snowflake(s)
We brought him there before heading back home...
Roommates for 3 years =)
Stupid fella go back Vietnam so early...

Random Outings

BKT stands for Bukit?
No la, BKT stands for Bak Kut Teh in my terms!
Can you believe it, 3 years in Sunway
n' I've never been to Klang to eat BKTSure, I've been there twice before this but the meal was nvr BKT...
You can't imagine how satisfying the meal and the experience was
It was like a dream coming true for me =PBusy consuming =P
Nom Nom Nom!The lot of us!
Wai Keit, Kah Keat, Shaun n' me =)
Although, my friends said it was pricey,
I don't think I would mind paying it for a nice meal n' a great fellowship!Headed back to uni to start work on the videos.
Unfortunately, we lack of ideas, manpower n' the much needed projector
The video was scrapped from the publicity part of the upcoming event.
Had another outing a day before.
Couldn't make it as I was still back in hometown enjoying
Here are some of the pics from the Pain+Ball event =PGoing to battlefield still pose... Too much!Entering the battlefield!
Taking cover, but still got headshot XDThe whole Pain+Ball gang
Let me introduce some of the terrorist here that I know of =PAndrew Kong, head of the terroristShaun, the smart-ass terrorist
Explaining the theory of projectile motion
Terry, the 'ban cool' terrorist XD
Woo, the slacker terrorist
Posing even in the midst of battle
Alex, the experienced terrorist
Once a troop leader, kai wan siao ar?

PS - They aren't really terrorist... Don't throw them into jail XD

Terry's Bdae / Fellowship

Earth Hour was supposed to be on the 27th of March 2010
Instead, we celebrated Terry's 21st bdae!
Not much pics as my camera is out of order.
Parents made a video especially for Terry's 21st bdae without his knowledge!
Bdae boy had to perform to satisfy the guest,
From playing the piano to dancing, none of it was complete!Making a wish =DI remembered telling that this was a tradition on bdae's
Also considered as a punishment for unable to fulfill the crowd's request of a complete performanceWithout the cake...
Us Leo's with Terry n' the cakeThe engineering gang with the bdae boy =)
Count the number of females... =,=Terry with his 21st bdae prezzie =D
Basketball outfit, a matching water bottle as well as
an Arsenal football? signed in golden ink by Arsenal footballers =P
On his actual bdae date,
we celebrated the Earth Hour Fellowship in conjunction with the Earth Hour.
Assigned to be the gamemaster of the night...Registration for the eventEveryone busy getting dinner before the real deal startsFood ordered by Brandon
It was not bad =)
The food wasn't the main thing thoughThe fellowship part of the event...
Getting to know one another being old or new membersGetting into business
Being an Earth Hour event
Lights were being turned off for an hour which was the main purpose of the event!Quite cool huh?
This was to prevent us from bumping into each other during the one hour.Some even had the insane idea to put it around the neck...After the one hour,
giving instructions for the brutal part of the gamesCatfight XD
Free for all battleTerry being forced to perform once again,
as it was the real day of his bdae =P
This time, fortunately for him, it was completedBoon Hoe n' me!Lights Out was definitely a bigger impact than Earth Hour
Nevertheless, it was a successful event. =)

Looking back at Lights Out,
An event being carried out last year with the similar objective
Again, I was the gamemaster for this event...Preparation for the event at the Monash library rooftop
It was a better choice in terms of venue =)Icebreaker, everyone was forced to remember each other's namesPunishment for the losers
Spot the similarities...
all this events spotlight Terry =PCatering was ordered by Shaun that time round
Having dinner whilst thinking of the sketch the groups have to come up with
Yes, the area of lights out was a little small but we're still conserving energy!
Playing Boon Says, led by Boon Hoe obviously =P
CharadesWhile waiting for the losers to be announced
Punishment : Consuming wasabi
Yes, I had to consume as well since I'm the gamemaster =,=All of us who manage to attend this spectacular event OC-ed by ShaunThe committee consisting of Shaun, Terry, Me, Boon Hoe n' Woo
It was a blast! =D

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