Pics, Pics n' More Pics!

One big THANK YOU to all the photographers during this Lembing Trip
*Standing ovation*
The pics in the upcoming post are all
snapped, filtered and uploaded by the following peeps
Brian with his ever ready poses
The trip is as awesome as you can see =DJanice n' her balance sheet O.o
JasonMichelle at Chempedak BeachTze Yuen n' June
Viran - charming smile right XDn' itu dia
YYH *ban cute*

A preview of the upcoming postMonkey also know how to shy one kay?
see him covering his private parts =P
Now he sees you
Now he don't =P
No worries, you'll be seeing more homosapiens than monkeys during this tripLooks like armageddon
That means this post is coming to an end
See ya peeps soon! =D

Pre Lembing Trip

This marks the end of the fiscal year of 2009-2010
After much pestering, our immediate past president gave in
n' gave us a treat at her house =P
Let me introduce this guy,
Heng Luen
Our latest, hottest scandal of Leo ClubAfter dinner entertainment,
FellowshipOthers were more attracted to the movie
Was this during the Alien show?
If it was, I can't imagine why they are laughing O.oI think this was just before the Melissa video came up to appreciate all that she has done
I don't think Boon Hoe has any idea what June was about to do
Forced to finished the meal prepared
Two rounds T_TThis was definitely during the alien bursting out from the pregnant woman
LOL @ Viran n' Shu ShanGarry took some esctasy pill dy. Too happy xD

Did some after party drinking
Some drank coke / water instead -.-
Chit-chat till the wee hours of the morning before tugging into bed
This is how I look like when I slept for one hour
Woke up, toss n' turned for 2 hours
Made a decision to bathe, shave, etc...
Went back to bed for two hours n' we set off for lunch

All thanx to Brian for the pics =D

A Series of Unfortunate Events -.-

Holidays are great no doubt. Reasons?
1. Books are strictly off limits xD
2. Entertainment of all sorts3. No fix sleeping hours
Been getting my long awaited sleep ever since finals were over!
The sight of burning midnight oils n' staying way over my bedtime is ridiculous

As a result of long hours of sleeping hours, weird stuff have been happening to me
Day 1 - At mid-day, had a migraine. Every chew I make it causes a slight pain
Day 2 - Woke up with a stiff neck.
Day 3 - Woke up with ulser at the tip of the lips
All this happened continuously with no breaks in between -.-
Glad that it wasn't all at once. Life's miserable with the fact that it's holiday season
Well, every cloud has a silver lining
Will be heading back to KL soon but that's because I'm headed to Sungai Lembing
A Leo trip for the short semester break
Looking forward to this! =D
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After-Finals Entertainment

World Cup is here once again but I was never an avid fan of football.
When people insisted on which team I support, the answer would be Man-U
Well, the answer might be due to the fact that Rooney's in the team
I don't know any other footballers name if you're wondering why xDYes, World Cup is at South Africa just so you know! O.o
Well, I only glanced at the television set when I'm out yumcha-ing with friends
If not, football will not attract the least of my attention
Soooooo, I have my own definition of entertainment
First few days, I was still esctatic about this game
As two days gone by, with the amount of bugs in the game
n' the duration it took to complete ONE single mission
I had completely lost interest in playing this game...
Well, lucky for me I had other ways to waste my holidays
Remember this movie I mentioned in the previous post?
This movie was uber funny as well as somewhat educational
Well, it's about a 'HARD 10' gurl going after a 'just 5' guy
Nothing's impossible I guess... but beware of guys who are in sheep clothing gurls
They may act like a great guy n' all, in real fact they are just a pile of Sh*t
Another show that kept me from being restless which happens to be series
I've retired from watching TVB like ages ago but what to do?
Got Charmaine Sheh inside weiiiii
This show talks bout a guy who is damn smart helping with any means necessary
even if it means to harm you in whatever way.
No pain, no gain right? n' this just proves we should not judge a book by its cover
Been watching tons of movies that I've collected dust for the past 3 years
This is the perfect time to watch so that I can delete em once n' for all
We should never judge a movie until it reaches the climax.
Only till then will we be able to know the quality of the production =D

PS : The two shows above is recommended if you like my kind of genre of movies ^_^

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Say BaiBai To Year 2

Finally, exams are over.
Let's not talk bout exams =P
Soooo, went to Pyramid after finals
Sometimes I do wonder if there's a more convenient place to hangout?
First things first, went to get tickets to watch movie
Was deciding whether to watch A-Team or Knight n' Day
Ended up buying tickets to watch She's Out of My LeagueOverall - 14 tickets

Had lunch at some restaurant called Canton - I
The dishes are practically normal with pricy dishes
n' something I would not want to disclose here
May I propose for you to have second thoughts if it ever struck your mind to dine there
Three fellas act cute while ordering
The place does have a plus point in my opinion
The place is definitely bigger than it looks!From left - Hui Sue, Andrew, Woo, Alex, Jonny, Isaac n' Hui ShinTerry, Tim, Shaun, Boon Hoe, Kim n' Paul
Us mechanical guys =DLepak-ing while settling the billEveryone seems to be formal eh? haha
All part of the plan but we're...
Just playing a fool XDWorker insisted us to take an unnecessary pic in front of their stall

Went for She's Out of My League
After the movie, went for a few games of pool as well as gaming at FTZ
That marks the end of Year 2!

Have a safe flight to Aussie, Hui Sue!
Will catch up back here in 2011 =P
Pics courtesy of Terry Liu =)

Farewell Lunch

Met up for lunch with A - levels classmates
Some sort of farewell lunch for YiFon I guess?
Couldn't do more stuff since one final exam is just one day apart

No idea why Sushi Zanmai is so popular with people these days
So yea, we went there for lunchIan n' Kah Chong who just came back from UK
1 year since we've met
no slang, no changes, still the same o' KCIrene n' Yi Fon who will be going to Aussieland
It'll be one semester before I see him again I guessYi Fon n' I
Hair too dam short right? -.-

If not mistaken, you'll be flying off tomorrow
Have a safe flight bro =)
and do enjoy your stay over in Kangaroo Land!
n' once again thanx for the pics!

Canon Photo Shooting

Been awhile since I update something not bdae-ish
We had something going on in Monash for about a month
A competition where top three will get cameras as prizes
I don't recall having an exact portfolio
So, I just helped out with whatever I'm capable of =P
The OC of the event giving speechJudges from Canon n'
of course the participants of the eventThere you have it! The ke-le-fehs XD
Joking la, this are the people who put everything in place and orderChow ZhiSheng - second runner up
Winner - Violet Eng
This two wellll... happen to be my friends XD
n' nope I didn't affect the outcome of the contestEvent was successful.
No idea what I was doing up there O.oThis was pretty much what we're capable of doing XDEveryone discussing about the event?Tropicana members, some MIA
Certainly lack in numbers but we make up in quality!!! YayAll of us who made the event a success! =D
Went to Sushi Zanmai for dinner
Us guysThe gurlsn' there's the whole lot of usI hate to admit I'm short >.<

Pics all thanx to Brian Chye =P