Shu Shan's Surprise Selebration V2.0

Apologies for being inactive for so long.
Without pictures it would make the blog oh-so-dull!
Well, this is the continuation of the first surprise for Shu Shan
As if it wasn't surprising enough the first time
Take a look at the second surprise!

Almost couldn't see the rear view
Preparations being done before the arrival of the birthday girl!
The boss was nice enough to allow us to hang up the balloons :)
You'll know where the cards fit in later on!
Smile! :D
Myself n' Lee Ann June
Happy B'Day! Again! XD
Family portrait! LOL
Her scandals
Birthday girl! :)
Putting the pieces together
Frame effect! Nice right?
Feast your eyes on this!
Top : Michelle n' Bottom : Ken
Looks like someone's gonna get married soon! XD
Don't I look like a kid here? >_<
One last shot at Coffee Chemistry!
Someone looks happy! XD

Credits to Brian for the pictures!