A Warm Welcome Back =)

It's been awhile since I last saw her.
If I had not mistaken, she went there during her final year of her studies.
She decided to come back to M'sia n' continue her career here!

She is none other than Chi Ching
Mich n' yours truly!
Yeong Thean n' Boon
Pei Yee n' Brandon
Dinner at Sushi Zanmai n' as usual, the queue was super long.
My birthday just passed like almost a week by now but she decided to treat me anyways.
Awesome!!! =P
A group shot just before we left Zanmai

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The title looks complicated huh?
That basically describes the life of an auditor.
Initially, we wanted to celebrate in Hungry Hog's but it was closed.
So we headed over to Ben n' Nick's which in my opinion was much better :)

Camwhoring seems to keep them occupied.

The arrival of our lady boss!
It wasn't easy to cover a lie on top of another lie.
Cajun chicken! Probably the gravy did its magic!
Happy Birthday to you!
Priceless expressions captured on camera!
Want to make a guess where the cake came from?
Thousand layer cake all the way from Melaka =P
Superb colour coordination. Don't ya think? =D
Peace n' Cheese!

We don't get to watch this every day, ya know? XD
Janice n' myself
Looks like a scandal going on? haha
♥ is in the air! just joking >_<
Snowflakes for supper. Recommendation by our very own auditor!
Oh, by the way, she's a christmas baby!

Pictures by Brian Chye.

MJLP's 21st!

Michelle turning 21!
Of course, Brandon already had something planned out for her
All I had to do was to get everyone to be in position =P
Not as easy as it sounds kay? hahaWhile Brandon n' Michelle were having their candlelit dinner,
Our own brightly lighted dinner at Jojo Pan MeeBanner made especially for her 21st!Seems like the balloons are never-ending...Using the bicycle pump is much easier.Round 2 at Brandon's house prepared by his momAwaiting their arrival. ETA @ 10pmCamwhoring without me -.-''Obscene - 18 SXSounds like the birthday gal had just arrived!SURPRISE!!!Wishing upon a starBrandon n' Michelle together :)Words definitely can't express her feelings I suppose?There is a reason behind why she is standing at the particular position XDMichelle n' yours trulyMichelle n' the guysTime for the girls to take a picture togetherPresent in pinkTADA! It's a camera! =DObviously she's esctatic by now already but it doesn't end there.The final surprise!♥ Family portrait ♥ Our next spot, Beer FactoryWith Boon Hoe FongThe lovebirds again!Mission Surprise Michelle, Accomplished!Brandon, myself, Boon n' KenPardon me, I was tipsy by then XD
With the birthday girl, MJLP!Favourite photographer of all time, Brian Chye!