A Summer Surprise!

Summer this year has been pretty dull,
not that I'm staying in a four seasonal country,
just that my university follows Australian system.
Everyday wake up for work,
a movie or two n' some gaming
finally head to dreamland n' it repeats all over again for the next day.

Suprisingly, something major happened during my boring summer xD
Never in my wildest imagination that my fellow engineers would come visit me
Well, it was my birthday that is! =)The bunch who came down all the way from KL,
n' the guy beside me was from Johor!As if coming down wasn't good enough,
They got me the collar-T in the pic n' a bag as present!

Thanks for the surprise guys!
Much appreciated!!! =D

Where Winds Of New Beginnings Blow~

How I spent my xmas eve -playing board games while waiting for the rest of them
Well at least I won =PHad potluck for xmas eve dinner

more like tapao by the looks of it XDAs soon as they arrived, we dug in
Met a couple of new friends who are already workingX'mas is rather a nice time to chillax!
The food was okayyy, rather filling though especially the cheesy pasta

That's not the main point of the post though
2011 - where winds of new beginnings blow~
Catchphrase not too shabby right?
Guess which show I got the phrase from! XDCountdown at River Nile which started business on Xmas eve 2010 if not mistaken
Lookie that tiger cub!!Here's a closer view on the furry kitten XD
Xtremely cute, should see how it suck milk outta the bottle
Regretted not taking a picture with itNeed to thank my saviour, Joan!
If not I'll still be stuck at home counting down XD
The medic student whose heading to JB soon, Rachel!River Nile, nice environment but kinda on the pricey side
Only open from 5 to 12!
Speaking bout pricey, Airport at De Garden!!!
RM 68 per pax for a set meal on new year's eve, talk about daylight robbery XD

Credits to Yuen for the Xmas pics
& Joan for the New Year pics
Let's welcome 2011 with open arms!!!
HAPPY *2011* NEW YEAR!!!

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