Went to Cameron with my A level's buddies
Was a 3D2N stay at the highlands
There wasn't much to do in Cameron but we made the best outta it!

We had steatboat for dinner
n' immediately head to 'pasar malam'
The choices of food certainly are different from the ones I've been to
Went back to the apartment to play some games
Doesn't this picture remind you of hunter in L4D?
Me, Sharon n' Kee Seng
The A level's gang
Again there's never a complete shot of the whole group
guess all of 'em got tipsy after the drinking game
Our lunch on the 2nd day.
There was one poultry dish, can't particularly remember
but the mushrooms outnumbered the meat -.-
Wonder what Guo Joon's looking at O.o
Sharon n' myself
Vwayhuan n' Eric, one of the 2 couples
A true camwhore never misses the opportunity to... camwhore
Apparently the corn were much juicier
One of the popular tourist attractions, the BOH tea centre
Looks delicious?
Kee Seng n' yours truly xD
The view from above, one word to describe - Awesome~
5 years already if not mistaken? n' still counting xD
No comment...
That's gonna hurt

Credits to both the girls :)

Final Year PAIN

As I step into the fourth year,
the final year project awaits n' guess what my project was?

Building a goal post!
Did you really believe that?
Think again heehee
Till next time~


My friend posted this picture...

I'm making a difference, are you?
Well, at least I think I'm making a difference XD
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No. 8!

We've moving from no. 8 to no. 3
The number itself suggests we're going for an upgrade :)
It's gonna be awesome!

Not the complete version of E7 as always
When Paul decided to visit CHC
With Engineering n' A Level's buddy!
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Camwhoring Mode!

With Janice n' Chee Sheun being fresh grads,
we decided to do some random stuff n'
what could be more fun than camwhoring =P
This was the destination for the sleepy face in the previous post!

Went to Puchong for breakfast
Here's a picture of Weng Howe before he flew to Aussie!

*insert sleeping face here*

Camwhoring mode ON
After I took this shot, the rest decided to plagiarise...
Doesn't it look like some TVB drama? lol
Looking at the camera is too typical
must look elsewhere XD
Now you see me xD
n' now you don't XD
This was what happened in that split second!
Gila people caught on camera!
What's on your mind this time? *grins*
Finally a normal group picture?
Monkey-ing around
if not for the guards, I would have monkey-ed from within
n' speaking of those creatures,
tons of em everywhere :)
Screwing around yet again
I did warn you bout monkeys being everywhere right?
Sun Wukong wannabe
Last pic before we decided we had enough camwhore
Finally, camwhoring took a toll on yours truly
Went to delicious for lunch.
Only the dessert managed to keep my tummy happy

We ended the day by watching Dylan Dog n'
having sate Kajang at some random place xD

Credit to B. Chye :)


I guess people ♥ taking shots of me snoozing
Here are some of the shots :

This was taken on the way to Malacca
Taiping trip to help Madam Kang
Last but not least, guess where I'm headed to this time? xD
That'll be revealed in the next post :)

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Autobots - Roll Out!

Huge fan of Transformers
and no doubt i like Autobots instead of Decepticons
Here's a pic of the two star machines

With a chillax Optimus Prime n' Jon
Bumblebee ready to rumble XD


I've been watching lotsa Korean shows, n'
now I'm starting to like Korean food =P
They are yummy-licious
Beeeeeeef just taste awesome!
Kimchi soup
End results

Addicted n' went for Korean BBQ two days back to back
with the second day having a 50% discount :)

Pappa rich for round two of yumcha
It's a great catch up time with my friends ^_^

What do you think the picture above was?
Erase that thought =P

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