A Milestone~

Never a dull moment in Leo!
These are the things that keep the momentum going
The most valuable thing I obtain are the friendships :)
With who I consider as my best friend as of now :)
Boon Hoe Fong!
Yeong Thean, our very own paparazzi!
My other tail-twisting half, Chien
Heng Luen aka Paws Leader
Humanity leader, Alyssa
Past presidents, Garry Lin
n' also Melissa Teng
Michelle n' yours truly!
Wenyi as how she would like to be addressed...
Cathryn Boey, the secretary :)
Shen Ling n' I acting cool
With Kelvin
My successor, Jeffrey
Wei Siang, the new Paws Leader
My emcee for the day, Mae :D

Scandals are oh-so-fun in Leo as well
All courtesy of Brian Chye
Caught red-handed =P
God knows if this relationship would work XD
This one already official for a period of time!

Our camwhoring moments in Leo Club :
Just look at that expression written all over June's face
Constipated much?
Chien bullying me :(

Awesome events whereby we get to hangout at new spots!
Lembing, the trip that got us bonded :)
OC-ed by Chee Sheun
Rescue Earth :)
Petrosains with kids!
Gala Dinner
Beach Cleaning at Port Dickson
PAWS visitation
Taiping Trip to assist Madam Kang!
An orphanage in Taiping
Environmental Camp - My favourite event ♥
Escapade to FRIM

This was actually my target when I first joined Leo
It doesnt really matter so much now
Though it still motivates me =P
The awards are what I'm talking about ;)
Awesome right?
My first ever certificate!
Appreciation Award in Recognition of Outstanding and Dedicated Service
Certificate of Excellence
for being too active n' nosing into so many events :P
I would say my highest achievement so far,
Outstanding Leader Award
I'm aiming higher of course ^^

It's great to have awesome people around you
to keep the excitement going!

Looking towards a new horizon! :)

Dream Come True!

I did mention before not being able to fulfill my dreams of being the head prefect
Now I've succeeded in chasing my dreams of being the vice president :)
n' I am officially inducted in this event whereby
I'm also responsible for the whole layout of the event
Registration of the members by Cathryn n' Shen Ling
We happened to stumble upon this lost kitty
Isn't it pwetty!?
Icebreaker by none other than Shuaib :)
Thanks for the flexibility bro!
Orientation by Lion Roger Phuang
He's definitely an inspiring speaker n'
I'm glad we managed to get him for my event! heehee
He even got us to do some silly activities n'
brainstorming after watching random videos
Just giving my two cents' worth
Showing appreciation to Lion Roger
Lunch and refreshments were settled by Kaiser
Installation n' Induction initiating soon enough
Anticipating much?
This is probably the least favourite part of my programme list
My role as the Tropicana Leader coming to an end!
Inducting our new Leos!
Rawr! Rawr! Rawr!
Upcoming President, Vice n' IPP
Scandal with June? XD
Oops caught red handed!
Inspiring and enlightening as always :)
Apparently she has a fan club already in Leo!
Certificate of Excellence
In recognition of your dedicated service and outstanding accomplishments!
Outstanding Leader Award
For exemplary leadership, direction and commitment
The outgoing BOD's who served valiantly throughout the year!
My successor as the new Tropicana Leader, Jeffrey
The promising, incoming BOD's *I hope* XD
Boon Hoe n' yours truly!
Knowing I'll take good care of the position of Vice! =P
First speech given by our new President!
To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best.
If you're not, pretend you are!
Those who were kind enough to participate in my event ;)
Past Presidents - Garry, Melissa, June n'
last but not least, Boon Hoe =)
Our new BOD!
Looks seriously sampat hmmm
It's gonna be a wild ride through the year! ♥
Leo Club of Monash University!!!

Kudos to Shameema for the job well done ;)
Taking a huge responsibility from Brian Chye!