Cotton On!

I don't even remember when was this
Anyway, it was a much needed rest for myself
Had been travelling much but not for entertainment purposes
So, it's time for me to kick back n' relax hehe

When our private driver photographer decided to ditch us from this trip
Look at those alcoholics *tsk tsk*
And so... begins our trip to infinity n' ...
Oh well, this somehow makes it more exciting eh?
Bunch of hungry ghost they are
Bro, don't get so excited holding my hands
America's Next Top Model
Contestant No 0!
Speechless with the quality of the competitors
A map of Kapas
Monkey-ing around
Wait for it...
Up up here we go!!!
Think you really David Back Ham?
The stairs not taken
leads to a godzilla trampling over a sandcastle
Sorry, just living in the moment =P

Credits to Brandon n' Boon Hoe

A Lil Bit of Here n' There

Because the other burger shop wasn't opened
We had already walloped all the burgers in our stomachs
Approaching Halloween
Looks like someone's shapeshifting into an undead soon enough
Saturday night with my homies
They even gave us a free pizza on the house!
This was right before I left for Terengganu a few hours later
Badminton session with the guys
n' the girls

Out n' About

Never have I had such a packed schedule before
Going from one place to the other n' back again
I guess mankind should really invent a teleportation device by now

This place is crawling with cats
Just take a look at those horrified faces xD
She's finally arrived after an hour of waiting
First, let's take a picture
Yay! Happy birthday KYM!
This happened when I was away =(
Where was I headed you asked?
Well, second round of course
All smiles from the birthday gal
It's probably because of the mille crepe!
Buds from college
You should have seen how we look back then >_<
I was still away when they went for round 2
When I decided to come back for more
She also no eye see already hahaha

Blessed birthday gals! =)