Pork, Pool, n' Pyrotechnics!

Independence day of Malaysia falls on 31st August every year!
A national holiday to commemorate the independence from the British colonial rule
We ourselves decided to have a gathering on this day
After this, most of us would be busy working >_<

Betty's Midwest Kitchen was full as usual during dinner time
Even the security guard had to act as a waiter
Looks like Jie Shu's in charge of ordering
Pigs, pork, n' all that meaty goodness
Pork delights
Dog food - their signature dish
We headed to Golden Break for a session of pool right after
Pattern more than badminton xD
Macam yes, white ball also not in the picture *lol*
Midnight Merdeka celebration at Golden Break
Even places like this know how to party!
Tanggal 31, Bulan 8, 57!
A fun night out no doubt =)
Modelling with free gifts XD

Thanks for the memories peeps!


We were initially supposed to have a gathering...
However, there was something out of the ordinary
It was both Viran n' Brian's birthday!
Unfortunately Viran couldn't make it to our event :(

Had our birthday gathering at Wong Kok!
Brian was the one who suggested it...
Our lovey-dovey Michelle n' Brandon
This huge drink is on the house as long as your birthday is within 3 days time
n' of course meeting a minimum amount of price
Brandon Choong n' Brian Chye
aka BC's
Happy birthday Brian Chye Yeong Thean!
You were definitely expecting this 
Group picture #1
Broman-cing! >.<
Just when you think that's all...
Birthday cupcakes from Cupcake Chic!
I managed to bring home H & D for my other half =)
I bet this time you were pretty... surprised XD
Our second picture together =)
24 cupcakes in total signifying his age
Wisdom comes with age
A lil' something for your Ipad
Yours truly with the Leo publicity officer!
My Leo mother, Shu Shan.
I had forgotten since when I was adopted >_<
Joining our gathering is Chi Ching! =)
The resemblance is uncanny!
Once a publicity officer, forever a publicity officer!

Brian Chye Yeong Thean...
Your work is much appreciated =)

Through Thick n' Thin!

Another chapter coming to an end!
My reign as the Vice President of Leo Club is officially over
Added so much fun n' excitement to my university experience!
It's been a good 4 year run

Look at the dull atmosphere
Let's try to turn things around! =)
Grouping us up for gaming session
Trying to undo the human knot
Our group consist of me n' Boon Hoe *haha*
However, we had to split up =( cause we're too good
Who else is with me?
n' who is against me? =.=
Pepsi Cola 1, 2, 3!!!
Memory Game, not much of a challenge to me XD
We are pretty environmental... when it comes to games
This is a stupid stupid stupid game
Who the heck was the one who suggested this =.=
Round n' round you go...
Threading through the needle
Alas! Success!
Final puzzle piece
Time to relax after a fair share of games
Dig in guys =)
Interacting with the Lions Club of PJ Mutiara
The new members, Indonesians n' Koreans
Taking up the pledge as a Leo member!
In Recognition of Exceptional Leadership, Loyalty
And Devoted Service to
The Leo Club of Monash University (Malaysia)
serving as
Vice President
Community Service Director, Wei Siang!
Membership Director, Kelvin Low!
Our BOD of fiscal year 2011/2012
Boon Hoe receiving the outstanding Leo President award!
Kim with his appreciation award for organising Sungai Chiling!
1 year community service awards!
In recognition of exceptional contribution,
loyalty and devoted service
Most active member? =P
Qian Ru, most attentive Humanity member!
Zhi Wyai, most diligent Paws member!
Former roommate too XD
Hooinee, most supportive Tropicana member!
Representing Tropicana, Board of Directors, President, Paws n' Humanity!
Jeffrey Tiw, my successor!
Shuaib, the incoming President!
Incoming Vice President n' Outgoing Tropicana Leader : Jeffrey Tiw
Outgoing President : Fong Boon Hoe
Outgoing Vice President : David Cheong
Incoming President n' Outgoing Humanity Leader : Shuaib
Wai Xin, this picture quite natural... hahaha
Tropicana Leader, Jeffrey Tiw!
Humanity Leader, Shuaib!
Kim 'Superman' Hock
Congratulations on receiving an appreciation cert! =)
President, Fong Boon Hoe!
Brothers together =)
The end of our Installation n' Induction!

Credits to the official photographer.