Surprise! XD

Not being able to get a present...
Not wishing you
Not being able to even have a simple lunch
The bdae boy cutting his bdae cakeWith the help from me of course!
Happily eating his cake =PChecking out the gifts
Grinning from ear to earSling bag, Wallet n' Shirt
That's bout all we got him
O yea, we left YOU for lunch to get the cake...

Hope you were disappointed cuz that was all part of the plan XD
Well, you know our true intentions now anyway
Happy bdae again
Ending the post at 11.59pm

Happy Bday, Sis!

Hmmm, some people struggle to remember bdae dates
This happens to me as well
Just so happens my old house number was 46
This is how I remember my sister's bdae =P
Purposely post 1 minute before the day comes to an end
No time and internet at 12 am
This will be a more significant time I guess =P
She never ever fails to get me nice presents =P
Always offering to get me stuff, though I turned most of them down
What to do? Paise maaaaIf you ever come across this blog =P
When I get rich, I'll definitely buy lots of nice stuff for you okay???


In life, there are three basic necessities
Food, shelter and clothing
In Sunway, I had to stay in Monash Condo
Doesn't look too shabby in the picture eh?
What would you expect from this place?
Electricity - Without it, the whole place turns dark, unable to do anything properly
I've experienced that before, had to even sleep in the living room to get some air
Sweating like mad
Without this, basically the whole daily cycle will be affected
Gone through this before, unable to bathe, drink n'
anything you can think of with the water supply
This must be the most BASIC necessity everyone would need in this modern society
Been through days where internet was out of reach
It was a living hell experience for me -.-

NOW, if you think that without one of the items mentioned above is hard
Put those three together and think again!
That was by far the worst experience I've ever had in my life
Looking at the brighter side of it,
Went out with my roommate to Asia Cafe to play pool
Some quality time together, I guess?
Judging by the price we're paying
I don't think we're getting the best out of it
n' at umpteen times, we're being treated like prisoners instead
Copyrighting the words of someone close I know,
The facilities as well as services is TOTALLY

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