When September Ends

September ended long time ago
The busiest month of the year for me so far
Pretty much enjoyed myself amidst the busyness

An attempt to kidnap Tyson, the big black doggie
The small lil one is too aggressive
First bonding sesh with colleagues
We should do this more often!
Should have been a guys outing,
do ignore the small anomaly
I still wonder how his hair remained after we threw him into the pool
Happy birthday bro =)
The return of Shaun Lim
It's been awhile bro, come back more often!

Have you done your part?

The very first time there's a turn of events for recycling campaign
We still had our recycling campaign
n' also an added lantern competition
What do you expect from the new bloods? haha

Prepping for the event day
Tell me who doesn't like free samples?
Lantern making competition
Looks like they are hard at work or perhaps just some break for camwhore?
Product outcome
Some of the lanterns really stood out
After all of is said n' done, we still gotta recycle
Taking out the trash
Turning trash into cash. Ka-ching $$
Let it go ♪ let it go ♫

You know what to do!
Do your part today =)
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Princess For a Day

Having said that this being the first time I'm not the one organizing it,
perhaps it is a good change to have it during lunch time
Though I ran a bit late
Nevertheless, let me present to you princess Brian!

Stunning, isn't she / he?
I'm still figuring out Brian's sexuality hahaa
That looks better off of you =)

Miss Sampat

Farewell for the sampat kid
Seems too sudden of a choice to go to Canada
Whatever it is, best wishes to you
Hope you can fit into the land of maple leaves!

A sing kay session with miss sampat
Doesn't it look like a photo shoot? hehe
Guess I'll probably miss miss Sampat
Au revoir from all of us
I guess this is really goodbye
Till we meet again =)

There's Always a Plan B!

When everything is packed into a day
It is a busy day but a day well spent!
Note to self *though I'm bad at this*
Must learn how to find alternative routes

When all else fails, Plan B is the option!
Just in time for dessert
Round 2 start! Ooops, my hump >_<
Hope Singapore will treat you well =D

Just because plan A failed doesn't mean plan B will fail as well right? haha