2 January 2012!

It's my birthday!!!
So this would be the only post up for the month =p
Or perhaps I have an anal personality
Pictures aren't uploaded yet, so I guess I'll wait till then :)

My escort while being blindfolded to Belly Good
It seems the theme of the night was wearing caps
Wasn't aware of the 'surprise' so I did not fulfill the dress code
Awesome filling pork meal!
Fruit ninja-ing
Could have gotten a new high score up till Boon Hoe snatched my phone!
Okay, you guys don't have to remind me how old I am.
Can you guess what's inside? lol
It's my birthday!!! XD
The cake had durian filling
No idea where they get such cakes

Camwhoring starts now! XD
Also taking the opportunity to thank this awesome people!
Hanyin who had class the whole day but still came!
Pei Yee who is in the midst of her ACCA course.
Brandon who was stuck in a jam for almost an hour!
Michelle for always being around!
Shu Shan for getting the durian cake!
Chien for crapping the whole way...
Luen for coming!
because I understand our circumstances are almost similar
Boon Hoe for getting my present n' being the escort
Brian for being the best photographer ever! :)

Last but not least, I would also like to thank the rest as well
Weng Howe, Ann June, Melissa Teng, Ken Chew, Janice Teh, Sook Yan
If I left out anybody, so sorry yea >.<

How many years can we continue being childish?
A pose from D-Generation X

I did mention a present right?
A belt from Levi's
A complimentary dessert by the owner
Durian flavor as well
The smell is too hard to not recognise.
With the guys once more
This time with the silly glasses
Pretty lucky eh? haha

P.S. They even asked me to do some dares
Fortunately, I'm sporting enough haha
Let's see if you guys are lucky enough to stumble upon the video on facebook.

Pictures courtesy of Brian Chye!