Dawn of a New Era

A year filled with new faces
Probably a new way of handling things too!
Hope it'll be a smooth journey from here on onwards
It's the dawn of a new era

Coming n' going at the speed of light
Just a glimpse of who you'll be seeing in the near future
A game similar to musical chairs
Why am I always picked T_T
Kids, don't... I repeat DON"T try this at home
Alumni sounds pretty old =\
We're familiar faces!
All aboard to face new experiences!
Out with the old, In with the new.
I guess this is the first standing group pic for this event
Looks nice =D
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Welcome! =)

After one semester hiatus, I'm finally back!
This is the only event where I can play all out
Games were particularly easy in my opinion =P
Perhaps they can up the level of the difficulty

What are we waiting???
Hurry up n' pass those bands
Stop right there!
Now what!?!?
One picture n' we're good to go!
We're about to get squished
But seems like he is enjoying the process

Let me introduce to you...
...the winners of the night
My group lost the tie breaker coming in at a close second
It looks like that are more n' more people in a team
The number of people in a group is inversely proportional to the rate of winning
The oldest faggots in Leo wishes
a warm welcome to all the newbies
Hope you guys had a great time! =)

Credits to the Pei Ying

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7th Heaven

It's not easy to keep the momentum going
especially when there are always changes in plan
Well, guess I'll just try my best to be in the above state

Sheperdoo, my only memory about this place is
the complimentary drink for the birthday gal xD
We decided to welcome our brother back to land of Meat Bone Tea!
So pretty...
I was referring to the tower behind =P


On the way back to Kay El
Activities in charge decided to make a stop at Kellie's Castle
We also have to impress the judge n' put our acting skills to the test
under the scorching hot sun....

Didn't I tell you there's something about this place?
Creepy looking if you ask me
If there's something strange in the neighbourhood,
who you're gonna call? Ghost Busters!
Looking more like a camwhore session -.-"
Introducing the first group of girls that joined Leo
The noisy batch
n' the first prize junk foods go to them
A parody of Cinderella literally.
Hadi n' the gals n' Max of course
I can recognize that terrorist face with or without the shades
Our version of Romeo n' Juliet
The quieter group of girls or perhaps
they haven't shown their true colours
Tropicanas rocks my socks haha
The outgoing P n' VP
Fellow engineer n' tropicana member
Believe me, I'm his ancestor lol
Looking forward to the newbies in action =P
Ipoh people click best XD

Thanks Mr Publicity!
n' that's a wrap guys!