One day after the end of my finals,
Few of my friends officially graduate from Monash!
We initially went for Melissa's grad and bumped into a few others that night
Apparently only three people were allowed to enter the graduation ceremony,
family members of course unless you're someone special =P
Mine doesn't come till 1 n' half years later -.-|||
Viran keeping himself occupied while we await for Melissa's arrivalThose who were done with finals n' free enough to spare time for Melissa xDBumped into Sharon as well while hunting for free food *lol*Met Sue Jian on the way as well
My bejeweled student xDThe long awaited arrival of Mel. Teng
With Wen Pei this time
She came, greeted us, took a picture n' left right after
Talk about not wasting time >_< The other Melissa who graduated =P
Melissa Mok!Stoning as Melissa takes her graduation picA gift from all of us to her
with our farewell messages written on it to her
I'm sure this is better than the flowers and bears everyone had xDDinner at Italianese
Last dinner before she flew over to USIt'll be awfully quiet without you being around
but I guess it's time for you to experience independence =P
Best of luck to ya n' will see ya soon in BOD meeting
Hate to say this, but you'll be missed!

Pictures courtesy of Grandaunt Chai *LOL*

Need a Timeout

A moment to destress
while the final exams are still ongoing
People do all kinds of weird stuff
to keep the studying momentum
Dinner at Popeye'sJoan n' yours trulyRay n' meI'm done with food =PWith Yen
That's Jay Sern,Steph
n' lastly Chun Yung
Looks like we're all in black O.oAt Pyramid's arcade centre
while the rest are having fun,I had to study my ass off -.-|||I'm kiut-er than Pikachu right? haha
please say yes =POur final destination, Meeples
some board games centre which is kinda addictive =DIsn't that colourful? haha
Some train game.Upside down XD
Getting ready to leaveOne last camwhore picture *lol*

Pictures by Stephanie

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Mid Sem Break ♥

I love going out in case you haven't already notice this =D
This time round, we headed for K Session at Puchong.
Price was just right with lunch and drinks provided!
Getting ready for the next song selectionsThe boss of the outing, co-ordinating the event thus being on callThe lunch. ♥ the keropok but not the prawns -.-|||Yours Truly n' Boon Hoe
Never a dull moment XPPeople started to get high tooThe whole lot of random peopleSteamboat after we felt our throats were sore enough ;)A whole new level of using tissue paperCopyrighting Chien's favourite poseMy pose! (o^_^o)
Probably laughing our asses off about the 45 degree tilt head pose
June n' the o so cute Garry =P

Thanks once again to you-know-who for the awesome pics!

Overdued Leo Events =)

Back to back events
Beach Cleaning
The beach was extremely dirty a year ago but it was almost perfectly clean this trip
Guess it's a good thing to know. =)
Having sirap ais while others having lunchI've no idea if they are cleaning or pretending. LoLSo we went ahead with exploring the beach,and as usual our fellowship games to get to know people better.
for those *shy* members out thereA normal group pictureJump shot with one acting cool in the middleAlmost pose like the one on my t-shirt
*A closer look, you would see someone sticking out from me* xD

The next event was PAWS TripEven dogs are great posersDon't ya think so?This particular doggie caught my attentionThe big fat dawgie xDLooks like it wants to go for a walkCleaning the cagesKen n' terrified catGood night world! =D
What you looking at punk? xD
I'm suffering while the doggie enjoys the bathGetting to know my dogAs it gets to know me better too, upside down xDThe people who went to PAWS

Blind leading the Blind
First hand experience how people who lose their sight feels like.
Trust me, you won't want to damage your eyesJune, Mel, me n' SYUber failed shotMy partner n' IWe were the first to arrive!Finishing the 'race'See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evilIn desperate need of fooooodEnded up at somewhere called NIPPY Noodles.
Weird name.

That's bout all the events for this semester >_< Pictures courtesy of Brian!!!