It's the one thing everyone looks forward to.
The day where they get to wear the fancy robe n' hat
Albeit it wasn't my convocation to begin with =S

The ceremony was still in the midst of the exams period
Nevertheless, it's a good day to begin with! :)

The couple from Sunway graduated together!
With R.A. Ms. Choong!
She even appeared on the website of Monash O.o
A proud engineer graduate - Jason

With fellow Leo Club graduates -
My humanity counterpart - Alyssa Foo
PWC future CEO - Janice Teh
UOB director-to-be, Brandon Choong!
Mr photogenic, Yeong Thean n' myself XD
n' a group shot as usual!
Didn't manage to get the individual picture from Brian or Chee Sheun =/
I shall finally end my post with this picture from Zanmai!

Pictures courtesy of all the graduates :)

Surprise V1.0

Exams season is the worst time ever
I think everyone would agree to that statement
But that doesn't mean we should ignore a friend's birthday :p

On the 9th of November :
I did mention about the fact that we surprised her.
We managed to surprise her n'
she changed into proper clothes immediately after XD
Ice cream cake!
Those of us who were in the midst of exams except for that two guys
It wasn't so easy to cut an ice cream cake after all
Well, that statement stands corrected once it starts melting
Weng Howe got her Vera Wang.
Princessy feel
We wouldn't be good friends if we were to let her eat this cake by herself!

Credits to B. Chye! :)

♥ ♥ ♥ Jayesslee ♥ ♥ ♥

If you never heard of them, I suggest you go youtube them immediately!
I super duper heart them! haha
Not because of the fact that they are pretty, well that too,
they also possess a pretty amazing voice!!!

They came down to KL awhile back :)
Here are some pictures!
Huge fan Kim! n' the kelefeh's
Camwhore with June whilst waiting for Jayesslee!
Introducing... Jayesslee!!!
Awesome right? They sound even better than on youtube!
Right after service!
We're in luck, autograph session!
I guess my wallet worth much more than it already is =P
Hesitant at first but got the signature the second time
He should have tattooed the signature on his biceps! *lol*
Do I need to say more?
They didnt have enough of this! Damnit!!!
RM80 per piece though, a bit on the pricey side
Hell yeah! You bet I do XD
Kim got both his T-shirts signed!
I damn envy him now!!!
I want my own signed T-shirt!
I ♥ ♥ Twins!!! especially Sonia!!!
That's not all folks! We got a group picture!
Though I really wanted a solo shot with them D:
Me stoning whilst taking a shot right in between them :)

Credits to June for the pictures!
♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥
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Where We Stop Nobody Knows

I'm back! after my finals :)
n' here's part 2 of the genting trip!
We settled down at the comforts of our apartment after the theme park
You must have seen plenty of this games but...
there's actually a twist in the game
It was truth or dare!
Their version of truth or dare were pretty lame, so we came up with our own!
Duck Flavoured Noodles for supper made by June :p
Rise n' shine! -.-
Domo seems to get all the attention it needs ;p
Homemade breakfast just before we set off
Pirates of the Caribbean
This one is a bit ridiculous *lol*
A lil sidetracked from our destination
Chin Swee Temple
I do look kinda retarded here, I know...
Spot the photoshopped piece. xD
A view of the temple
Looks like someone has an urge to go visit the restroom :p
Take a closer look of the magnificent structure!
Chinese Legends
Cool looking pathway right? though it's a bit too tiny
Look familiar? Journey to the west!
Sun Wukong n' me =P
Looks alike don't ya think? heehee
Thousand hand Buddha
Leaving so soon? Guess not XD
It's gonna be a long walk
First to arrive!
Just before my hair decides to get messy
Group shot on the highest floor of the temple!
A picture with the friendly ang moh's!
Maybe we should have asked for facebook to tag them XD
Getting the hang of modelling
Whilst waiting to go home
9 Dragons
Year of the Dragon! Rawr!
Us again! ^_^
SWAT team wannabe -.-|||
n' ... we finally got home from Genting
We had dinner at Wong Kok before heading for Abduction
The lead actor is the werewolf from Twilight

Genting was one hell of a trip!
I wanna go somewhere again soon with this bunch of wackos XD
Credits to Brian once again for the awesome pictures :)