Chap Goh Mei Special

15th day of Chinese New Year
Last day to feast like a king.
I still wonder why we chose a Thai restaurant though
Aren't we suppose to support back Chinese? O.o

Greetings from the entrance.
Not as spicy as I would have expected
Girls parading in their "dresses"
Happy belated birthday to
the 2 'xiao mei mei'
I spoiled the other group picture
You wouldn't want me to upload that one hahaha
My reaction when she wanted to eat the strawberry
that ended up with some other stuff that was on the floor =.=
Guess she's pretty hungry
By she, I meant rabbit
Leaving our footprint
Superman can jump O.o
Hope you like 'em pressies
A compilation of nerds
Signing off,

Glasses from Superman
Pictures by Mae / Kylie


It's Chinese New Year again!
Time pass so fast when you're having fun
Red packets, gathering, food...
That's what it's all about =)

Our first pitstop!
Also to bid farewell to Howe~
Stomach's grumbling already?
We just ate snacks
Gambling, only during CNY
Proof that we've set foot in this house XD
Damn, Viran!
One of the unique design in her house xD
The previous picture doesn't count.
Some faces are so censored >_<
Photobomb, you're doing it right *lol*
Brands Outlet
The guys just got outnumbered =S
We were doing fine just now...
The keropok place! haha
Again till 5 am
We're zombies by now.

Credits to the lovebirds ;)

Eat till You Lao Sai!

Out of a sudden, they crave for japanese food
To be honest, I don't see anything japanese
It's more towards bbq n' steamboat
Eat till you lao sai O.o

Situated in Puchong
Racing to place our orders
Guys vs Girls
Don't let your mouth stop eating!
Smartphone users, anti social
Should change to Nokia, connecting people xD
A break for camwhoring
I scream for ice cream XD
Zhi Wyai : Please... No more...
Making sure there are no leftovers
Mission accomplished!

Credits to Mae n' Kylie

Lesson 1!

I don't know how I should consider this day
Just because of the lighter, I forgot to take my house keys
Locked out of my unit for almost a day.
Thank you, you know who you are >.<

Brian did this to get her to sit on the other side.
Such grace n' manner
Here comes the BOOM!
Not really much of a surprise thanks to the owner!!!
But we did manage to get discount
Mae however did act as a partial surprise
Brian was also leaving for Aussie soon for his final semester
Okay la, let you cut your cake now...
Happy Birthday June!
I wonder why you aren't February? O.o
Ken had to leave just when Brandon was about to come
The 3 core I would say! =D
Chien's missing >_<
 ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

I'm gonna miss you n' your camera Brian!
Come back soon =)