Tempurung & Taiping Zoo

Day 2 - fun filled activities await us
Caves in the day, zoo in the night
Though it may be physically challenging,
it's really just a form of relaxation for me =P

Looks like Ipoh likes to put 'de' everywhere =.=
Entrance to Tempurung
Our tour guide has the wildest imaginations
This is where the real caving begins
One of the two who stayed behind
We made it out in one piece!
I was too full to even lay a finger on the meat
Tour around the zoo
Harimau Malaya
Black n' yellow, black n' yellow
Pretty much sums up our day 2

Madam Kang of Kamunting

Remembered telling Madam Kang that I would be back
Though I haven't manage to fulfill what I've said
She has been taking care of about 200 dogs by herself...
We came all the way just to lend her a helping hand
Do let me know if you wish to help too =)

Next destination : Taiping
All aboard!
Keeping our journey very much alive
Our person in charge of the trip imo
You must be curious who is this Madam Kang,
that's her!
n' take a look at all the abandoned dogs she's been taking care of
It's time for us to help her today
Chop chop
Fixing up the fence around the area
Some are afraid of those furry critters
I wonder why?
Looks like the dog is taking a poop
Looks like Michelle is taking a poop too hahaha
Time to feed the doggies
Bottom's up!
Look at this sleepy lil one
Thanks for giving us the chance to help you!
It was to my surprise that you still remember me =P
or whatever I told you few years back

And a glimpse of our night activities
Looks like this bridge was sponsored by Lions Club
What bridge??
This bridge...
Leo Club of Monash University was here!

Stay tuned to part 2 of 3!

Halfway There

June, the start of a new milestone
Physically tiring but at least there is a good return
Opportunities don't come often

My client insists that I get my picture taken xD
Not too shabby in a coverall eh?
Restaurant inspired by Forrest Gump
There's no birthday cake but let me see your bootay shake!
I recalled it was a potluck gathering
Tell me again how did it turned out to be only four chefs
This dessert here should have been served with ice cream
A picture by a feminine male
Nevertheless the Thai food here was good =P
Can you guess where this is?

Bird's Eye View

Getting a lil more adventurous this time
10 stories up where we'll be dining at
The not-so-new-afterall Skypark
p.s. starting to get nauseous with Jap food

Now, that's better =P
Probably that's why there was a crack on the roof   >.<
Don't we all look like banglas?
The compulsory selfie
Due to the next day being a working day...
Not able to watch a movie together
So this will have to suffice