Orientation, Induction n' Installation

A combination of the chillax Orientation event as well as
the formal Induction n' Installation event
New batch of young Leos going to their first official event
Hope they are as promising as they look =P
We'll know in due time!Icebreaker session to kill the tension!Guess who was given this important task
Yes, none other than yours truly xD
Hope I broke the tensionMembers getting orientated bout Leo
Leadership - Experience - OpportunityMr Shuaib, n' Ms Qisthina
Anything between them? *ahem ahem*While the rest are having lunch,Some just gone mad,Me n' Shaun had take care of the registration booth
Poor us T_TSome great photographers in the making =D
Lions of PJ Mutiara and some other guest LionsWorld Peace V(^_^)V
Certificate of 1 year service
Lion Nelson n' me
It reads,
Appreciation Award in Recognition of Outstanding and Dedicated ServiceAwesome awesome certifcate!! xD
Just gotta luv it!Members getting inducted
Officially being a Leo member of Monash University!Next Mr Monash? Maybeeeee xD
Stepping down of the BOD of fiscal year 2009/2010Boon Hoe n' me
Previous n' current Tropicana Leader!
Don't the badge just catch your little eye? MUAHAHA
n' the best thing is! It's friggin new, awesome!!! xDThe BOD of fiscal year 2010/2011
It's gonna be great! ^_^That marks the end of our event!
Thanx for coming! =PA man's gotta eat too, ya know?
I'm not Ironman ~.~Some scandals xP
Need more prove?
Once again, kudos to Brian Chye for the pictures =)

Leo Club

It's been awhile since I blogged
I've been quite active in Leo Club lately
C & S Week started in week 2 with the sole purpose is to get new members
As usual, members are encouraged to help out at the booth =)
The props for the booth
Setting up to attract new membersThe completed booth =) Awesome right?
Just gotta like that bear-lookalike dog =DWell, when there weren't any new members
This is basically what happens =PSigning up new members
Naw, we're actually just camwhoring XD
managed to register 40+ members n' I see potential peeps!

That weekend, we had to attend RCC meetingWaking up early in the morning just to attend the meeting as well as the test
See how miserable I felt at that point of time. =(Heading towards the hall as the horror awaits usUs brats w/o BrianDone with the meeting. Happy
Brian seems to love taking weird pics of me raising hands >_<

First GM of the semesterConsidering it being the first GM
Attendance was unbelievableFirst time talking out front, well in Leo Club la
kinda kewl =DChilling =PTail Twisters - Chien n' Yours Truly XDMembers getting to know each other through tail twistingThe close up on the polarbear-lookalike dog =P

Credits to Brian Chye aka Publicity Director of Leo CLub!
Doing an awesome job ^_^

Sayonara Lembing

Karaoke session ended at around 1,
4 hours of insufficient sleep,The sun wasn't even up yet
The sun wasn't very co-operative
It was hiding behind the clouds
This picture does look like a Chinese painting as mentioned in Chien's blogStill looks spectacular even behind the cloudsA group shot at the top of the hillViran flaunting his hair? XD

Headed over to the Hanging Bridge of Lembing after breakfast
Hanging bridge of Lembing
Quite stable although it looks otherwiseViran is quite a player
He's just a kid bro!Cute doggie, don't even fight with cats
Sungai Lembing Food Industries
<=== Look at those two buggers squatting down
This is how they make noodles.
Jumping / shaking is inevitable XDHistorical issues and artifacts all available hereLooks like a canon but it's actually a fire extinguisher
Wen Pei the giant XD
That's a replica of the tin mine years ago.The evolution of typewriters!Brian, Wen Pei and Melissa.
Mirror on the ceiling to create a neverending tunnel
Uber cool!Kenny, Heng Luen, Ken, Michelle n' JaniceHard to believe we still have patriotic people around O.oThe best meal in Lembing
Prepare yourselves!Sad case. Leo Club --> sexism
8 guys one chick XDNot mistaken this was the BBQ Noodles
5 star!!!That's minced meat tofu if you're wondering
Now you still see itNow you don't! =PLook at Woo's expression.
He's savouring every bit of it >_< That's the owner of the restaurant.
The restaurant has been passed down for 40 over yearsRight before we left Lembing with the Auntie
Uncle not around O.oRoom 11 with Auntie and Brandon ^_^

That's all for the awesome Lembing Trip
So if you're interested, here are the contacts :
Hoh Yoon Sin (owner of Riverview Resort) : 012-9812692
Wong Chee Keong (Rainbow Waterfall) : 016-9395393
June says BaiBai! xD

One last thanx to the Organising Chairperson of the
Lembing Trip, Chee Sheun!