♫ Genting Getaway ♪

We decided to hit the sack at Genting One World Hotel!
A last minute turn of events whilst we were still up in Camerons
Fortunately for our random acts, we were still able to acquire a room =)

Decided to take a walk around One World Hotel
Apparently this romantic cruise was called the Venice Gondola
Michelle decided to camwhore in Genting XD
2 girls n' an elephant
Up to you to decide which is the elephant *lol*
Roulette wheel imprinted on the grounds
Casinos are pretty famous in Genting =)
A breath of fresh air up in the highlands ♥
Time to have some rest n' relaxation
I wonder if Michelle's been on one of these rides before?
Look whose here!?!?
Decided to join our randomness first thing in the morning!
Michelle just wants to have fun!
Who cares about taking good pictures? XD
Literally, building castles in the air
Michelle's first Solero Shot *clap clap*
I think both Wai Xin n' Superman are experienced enough to supervise her
Up they go!
What goes up must come down =P
Hey, I just met you
n' this is crazy (the one on the left),
But here's my number
So, call me maybe?
A perfect impersonation of the London double-decker bus
We queued up approximately an hour for this ride
What is this coca cola vending machine doing here?
The girls trying to act emo cool sort of expression
Michelle with her superior camwhoring skills
I see you practice a lot at home
Clark Kent looks extra nerdy here, don't you think?
Gang of hoodies
♥ ♥ ♥
Wai Xin n' Michelle!

Last but not least, we have our friendly neighbourhood Superman!
Sungai Rejang Flume Ride
It's gonna be legen-wait for it-dary
Soaking wet
n' here we go again...
Where have I seen this before?
Owh that's right
That's all for our fun adventures in Genting!
Till next time peeps!
Stay tune ^_^

Credits to Michelle n' Kim "Superman" Hock!

Camerons ♥

The thought of being random popped up again
It's decided that we'll go up (or down) to Camerons on a day trip!
Strawberries, fresh air n' a day of relaxation is included in this package XD
3 ladies, lucky me!

Up, up n' away!!!
Ehhhhhh, sexay ladies
Michelle suggested each of us take a picture with a kiddy ride
n' this was what she chose... Donald Duck
I don't recall Ultraman posing like that >_>
Pikachu, retard version
See the resemblance between the 2 teletubbies? haha
Flooded with flowers
Michelle "LOOKS LIKE" some celebrity avoiding paparazzi
Time for me to make an appearance XD
On our way to Boh Tea Plantation
Miss Wai XinG making a special appearance!
Advertisement for Sunsilk
A first timer to Camerons,
Presenting ... Michelle Wong!
Our first group picture today =)
We have arrive at our destination!
Toilet camwhore, a norm for girls
A view overlooking the tea plantation
Spectacular isn't it?
Michelle with her camwhore skills utilized to the max =P
Acting as a flower? rabbit? n' errrrr?
Nothing will stop us from camwhoring *lol*
♥ ♥ ♥
Michelle Wong captured n' compiled by paparazzi Hooinee

Pictures courtesy of the girls =)