Two Birds. One Stone

There's a new korean restaurant I've wanted to try
Having a farewell for both the ladies
n' also a belated birthday for the guys
Two birds. Well, maybe four. One stone.

This is the one I'm talking about
兄弟 (Guy number 1)
Guy #2 on the right
I've forgotten whether they are eggs or pancakes
but they sure are yummy
See you when I see you =)
At some dessert place with the mini manager
That's from the mini manager XD
If you wondering who is TinTin
Complementary 'cake' from the owner!
It's the thought that counts!

Credits to Kylie

A night in Sepang

Well, whenever you hear of Sepang
The first thing that comes to mind is Gold Coast
Instead of going racing, we went there to chill
Thanks to Wei Siang for offering his 'summer' house

Thanks for the hospitality! heehee
Looks like the party's gonna start soon
BBQ masters at work
Some of the bbq delicacies
Banana wrapped in bacon XD
This comes in a close second right after McDonald's
Get ready for more bananaaas
Blueberry cake baked by Mae
Looking forward to the next session!

Pictures courtesy of Kylie

Z Why?

He was my roommate but now he's a very good friend
it's peeps like him that make me wish that I have a brother!
Sometimes, I wonder how paths are crossed
I'm glad ours did! =)

In the midst of preparation for the examination
These bunch of gila lot =.=
Even Zhi Wyai is speechless
Who is ZWhy?
Whoever he is, he's all grown up xD
Come, let me give you a birthday kiss! haha
Wishing you a smooth sailing year ahead of you
Happy birthday bro!!!

Special thanks to the photographers

Good Ol' Days

A gathering with the Ipoh peeps
Initially wanted it to be in Ipoh due to the convenience
We headed to Cameron instead due to a special request
It was a good trip although we should look for more spots

Yeap, that's us =)
n' that's the +1's
Hopefully I'll be able to bring mine next trip
On the way up, manage to see this huge husky!
Adorable, ain't it?
Wasting no time at all...
It took us damn long to light the fire
You wouldn't wanna know how long =.=
At last, food glorious foooood!
So, you think you can eat? haha

Pictures taken by Yuen
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GK Organic Farm

Leo Club organised a visitation to the organic farm
Surprisingly, it's pretty close to my workplace
They always say you are what you eat!
Unfortunately that's easier said than done =P

As soon as we step foot into the compound of the farm
Some basic stretching before we move on to the harder ones
What did I tell you?
We could only just stop and look >_<
This was probably the highlight of the day!
Just before we head out as 'part time farmers'
Was he explaining about the fermented grass?
There are papayas n' mamayas
They always find an excuse to camwhore
I always played Harvest Moon
Harvesting is pretty easy
Wait till you plant n' maintain it
I still prefer the appetizers!
Running Man in action
Thanks for the tour around the farm!
Memories in Leo! =)
Time to head on home
Meet my long lost sister! XD
Ain't she pretty?

I've lost track of the photographers
Special thanks to them =)