Melbourne in a Day

Free n' easy for the day
after three back to back road trips
So, decided to walk around Melbourne city
Most of the time searching for food...

Time to hunt for food
Ribs as appetizer
n' that's the main, not to my liking
Ice cream from Dolce Freddo n' Jauja
Personally think both taste similar
Of course, when that's the case, price comes into consideration xD
Pretty excited about dinosaurs ^_^
Look at how puny she is compared to that monstrosity
Mr. Rex
Looking for something?
Can't pinpoint these dinosaurs as these are the least popular ones
That ain't a triceratops if you are wondering
Looks like a brachiosaurus to me
Some big ass-ed iguana?
There's even a display of animals of Australia
One of Australia's known creatures
Believe it or not
These statues belong to the...
n' the highlight of the day would most definitely be this
D.O.C. better than the pasta branch
Worth the price we paid for!

Time to prepare for the upcoming flight

A Date with Animals

Philip Island
Best of the three road trips
That's only because the main highlight are the animals
n' the best part is I get to see them in person

You haven't ate korean food if you haven't eat this
For the sweet toothed
Here we are, come right in
Nothing spectacular about that ass
Plenty of these back in Msia as well
What did the fox say?
I'm not sure if those are foxes haha
Peek-a-boo I see you
Sleeping Buddha
Roo's everywhere
Kangaroo : Get your filthy hands off me
That's one heck of a devil
Wallaby, Wall baby?
The keepers feeding the koala bear =)
Good night world...
Time for the next stop
Choco factory
100% chocolate including the sand!
I bet these are chocolate christmas trees too
Having a go at their chocolate desserts
n' away we go
Some of these critters stay here
Who are they, you ask? That's one of em
Before we leave for the real thing
Penguin n' koala bear!
Unfortunate for us, we couldn't snap pictures of em
It would scare them off
Consolation prizes for you guys
I came all the way to the land down under for Malaysian food -.-

Great Ocean Rocks

Great Ocean Road
Know how is it being named?
That's because of the four hour journey
to look at 12 big rocks... I'm sorry, I meant 8 big rocks

This is not even halfway there
Well, at least we had our toilet break here xD
The entrance to GOR
I think they should renamed it eight apostles now
Without a doubt, the rocks are quite great in size XD
With great power comes great responsibilities!
She says her back looks nicer.
What do you think?
Four hours of journey
What else do you expect us to do? =P
The remaining apostles
Spectacular view
Probably the apostles were formed from this
Access to the beach requires a lot of walking
Nevertheless, we made it!