Usher Ministry!

Being an usher since Emerge 2008 if my memory did not fail me.
I've been on and off according to my schedule in Monash
Though I've changed teams since back when I first started,
It has been a real pleasure to work with these bunch of people!

This is my personal opinion
It's very comforting and satisfying especially when you see a smile from others
Even with only 3 hours of sleep, I did enjoy serving as an usher
Besides, it's been a long while since I get to hold a walkie talkie =P

Serving you! =)

Soirée a L'Opera

This would most probably be the last prom night I'll be attending
They say picture paints a thousand words
So here you have it ;)

My Engineering gang :)
Partner in crime - Boon Hoe Fong
Kim Hock aka Kim
Paul Lee, my first ever friend in Monash
Timothy Kua - like a boss
Kai Zen - the only one in electrical major
Terry Liu - Jee Ying's guy =P
Andrew Kong trying to pull off with a green tie
Alex Tai, birthday boy!
Woo Yu Liang
The Transporter - Chengwei
Another group picture! =)
Jee Ying, known her ever since primary?
Jason Chan, n' where's Hilary?
Pam, from Thailand
Yoke King, another Ipoh kaki
A new friend :)
Yong, my previous housemate
Patmapriyan Nathan!
JR - Jun Rong
My buddy from A Levels, Ian Chua!
n' his girlfriend - Pik Wen
Recently introduced, Joyce
Ashley - met her from 30 Hour Famine
PuiEe, miss sampat
Badminton pro - Wee Lun
Fu Jin
Kar Ann
Weng Hoong
Kai Siang

Leo Club peeps :
Matching right? That's June
The ever efficient secretary - Sook Yan!
Our past treasurer, Caryn
In-house paparazzi, Brian Chye
Let me introduce - Chien Ser
Heng Luen n' Yi Rou
Damn sweet *jealous*
Brandon Choong n'
Michelle, again with funny poses
Shu Shan always calls me boy -.-
Ying Hui, the one who always skip my Tropicana meetings XD
Pei Yee - more about her in later post
Ken, n' I still have not met his girlfriend yet *lol*
Camwhore with Wenyi
Shawn Leong with a fierce look
the other secretary, Cathryn Boey!
Roommate also from Ipoh, Zhi Wyai
Lee Ann Mae, see the resemblance with anyone?
Kylie *surname* insert her current favourite band here
Tropicana successor, Jeffrey Tiw
the other candidate was Yi Zheng
Suet Fong
Chian Wen
Boon Hoe, June n' yours truly
Chien with us
this time we don't look like twins anymore xD
Me, Pik Wen n' Ian Chua!

Credits to everyone who took the pics :)
It was a great event especially with all the great people around!