Here We Go Again

How fast time flies!
He came and left in a matter of weeks...
Fortunately time was well spent together!

This guy is none other than Quah Weng Howe...
the one on your left for your information! XD
Initially we had our dinner at one of the hawker stalls in Old Klang Road
Famous for their steam fish and bak kut teh
There's better BKT's in Subang n' Klang.
Headed to Wong Kok for yumcha session right after.
Wong Kok was chosen because no other places was available due to the time constraint
That's me! =P
Looks like luck is on Weng Howe's side >_<
The course of taking this picture might have caused a bit of misunderstanding
but who gives a damn! =P
It's gonna be awhile before he gives us another surprise.
Hope everything goes well!

Peace out!
Courtesy of MJLP!