♥ January Babies ♥

Just wanna wish HAPPY BELATED BDAE!
to some of my friends who are January babies =)I'm a January baby myself. How COOL is that? xD
Pros of being a January baby :
Get driving license faster.
People tend to look up to you as 'tai-ko'.
An early bird in anything - being legal.

Cons : Get 'retired' earlier =,=

Here are some January babies (according to bdae dates - not by preference =,=)

Timothy Kua
Don't judge a book by its cover. He might look innocent but he's not that innocent.
Smart and always there to help in ANY kinds of problem. Not there to celebrate his bdae because it was summer and I was in hometown =(

Fong JoeThis guy very handsome right? Take note girls *I think he's still single*
Seldom contact this friend of mine already ever since we both left for college. Hope he's doing well n' I'm sure he is! Remembered the time when we always joke around in tuition and went down to yumcha in the middle of the Mr Lionel's class.

Hui ShinThe girl on the right... yea I know YOU are going to say this pic super awkward.
This girl smiles like there's no tomorrow. I think her smile is contagious at times.
*Ramai orang mahu pikat dia*
Still single? Available or not I don't know. Ask her yourself =P

Yi FonWe did A-levels together, and now we're in the same uni, Monash.
Heard of being street smart or book smart from The Apprentice?
This guy is a combination of both!
Learnt so much from him and still learning!
Too bad I couldn't make it for the Melaka trip. T_T

Guo JoonUnfortunately, he's leaving for Aussie. As for the girl, she's his girlfriend so forget it and yea she's going Aussie too. I'm glad I manage to go back to attend his 21st bdae party in KK. Had changed my perspective from when I first met him. Not only is he handsome, he is also smart and humorous. Really glad to know this couple whom together added lots of laughter and memories to my Sunway life! =)

Last but not least!
Jo Sheen
This gal is still in India pursuing her medic degree.
Looking forward to seeing her again. One of my closest gal friends.
*Not special type okay*
I wish that I'll be able to see her in future for FOC but I have to think twice as she'll be attending to STD patients. I'm sure I won't want that kind of disease.

Once again, HAPPY BELATED BDAE! Hope our friendship last forever and we'll keep in touch =D
Don't wanna get too emo here...

Ipoh Once Again...

As the title says, I'm in Ipoh once again,This time Rachel joined me as the tour guide.

Seriously, I never knew the existance of most of this places.
I swear we got lost more than giving the right directions.
Big Tree Foot aka 'Dai Shu Keok' - Famous for it's fried stuffTaste so good that they even wanna eat the box?The latest craving by most of them I suppose - Kaya Puff
(not seen in the pic though)
Learnt a new game taught by SiewMin, the card version of Monopoly.
Fun, Addictive and Full of Laughter
*22 million - bankrupt* =P
Dim Sum at Fushan.
Heard Ming Court was better which was opposite, but the place wasn't as grand.
Pre-birthday Celebration at Citrus.
Almost no suspicion by the birthday girl I think.
Happy early 21st Birthday!
Had loads of fun and lack of sleep!

If not mistaken I had 15 hours of sleep the next day.

Touring Ipoh

Although my hometown is in Ipoh, those who know me well
should know I'm road blind or better known as *Buta Jalan*.
The first time was a day trip. Total disaster i suppose xD

We dropped by Kampar, Andrew's dad's hometown for breakfast.
We had the above which was Super cheap...Went to Gua Tempurung on the way to Ipoh. Here's a view outsideA view inside Gua Tempurung without Emily =(Had 'Ngar Choi Kai' for lunch,
Tau Fu Fa n' the all famous
Salted Chicken!
Visited my house. Unfortunately, my mom wasn't at home to let them in.
My garden was satisfying enough for them to leave xP
Dinner was my all-time favourite, 'Ngau Lam Fan' aka Beef Noodles.On the way back, we stopped by Rawang to visit Emily's ...
dog, Teddy. Haha just joking =P
A priceless pic of the couple of that day
Not the best pic but better than nothing. xD

I got familiarised with Ipoh a little better that day.

Turning 21

I can't believe how time flies n' now i have walked this earth for 21 years
sounds old huh? I personally feel so too...

Here are some pics during my 21st bdae, celebrated at Fullhouse in Pyramid!
E7 n E25. Most of them went back hometown =(The people who carpool together xPThe other majors of engineering >.<
Sadly, I deleted the pics I took with the Mechanical Engineers =(
Had a few friends who worked thereThe whole group
Sadly, all guys =.= and Vincent blocked Paul

Can you read what is written on his T-shirt?
Just a special corner for this joker here :He's a great friend whose alwiz there to lend a helping hand. DON'T underestimate him bcuz I called him a joker... Average of 90 marks
Sadly, he'll be going over to Aussie for one sem. I'll be missing him =(WELL, T-shirt stated : The internet was closed, so I thought I'd come by today.
I'm glad he's internet was down. xD

That's me cutting the cake. DUH, Most of you should know that by now.

I'm glad I've lived my 21 years well. Great memories with so many awesome people.
If I had a chance to change anything, it would be to know all of you earlier =)

Newbie =P

First time doing this...

No idea why i created this, just1. thought that it would be fun
2. feel like trying new stuff
3. have free time to spend
4. lots of my friends have blogs
5. someone said give it a try xD

Not much to say,

Till next time =)
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