A - Levels

Recently, met up with the A - levels peeps.
It's been awhile since I met most of them.

Left to right :
Jananie, studying Business in VU
Venitha, studying Business in Monash
Irene, studying Medic in Monash
n' Jo Sheen, studying Medic in India
From left to right,
Kee Seng, studying Business in Taylors
Yi Fon, studying Business in Monash
n' yea, that's Irene againIt's so hard to meet up these days.
Not only are we not in the same university,
we're also in a different field of major.
Everyone went their separate ways after graduating from A-levels
What to do? not everyone has the same interest...
I missed my A-level daysthe lecturers (sometimes),the gang (sounds violent haha),the bdae celebrations,the outings,the graduation,
n' of course my fellow coursemates =)
wonder when we'll be able to meet up again?

Partaaay with Mel!

It's 11.59pm, 14th of March 2010
Let me wish the president, Melissa Teng one last time,
Happy Bdae for the 23rd time! (copyright from Brian xD)yea, being short is not a sin!
I'll let you say whatever you want since it's your bdae...

This was a Leo Club event
Event - Melissa's nth bdae
OC - Tze Yuen
AOC - June

Started off with dinner at Italiannies, Curve.
Waited one hour for the bdae girl to arrive so that we can dine in!The bdae girl and her card...Group shot... Over 20 members made it for the event!

We then headed over to KL to some place called Lunabar in a hotel?
Nice atmosphere, nice fellowship =)On the way...In the lift, on the way up...
Nice shot but dark though >.<
What can you see in this picture?
Majority - bottoms up
Brian- camwhore xD
Thanx to him, we had so many pictures =)Think I'm drunk?
Nope, not drunk yet... haha
A view from our side of the bar! Nice right?
That's the KL Tower!
Me pointing at the picture above xD

Who says Leo Club is all work n' no play?
Fellowship is important too!
This event is a success thanx to everyone! =)

I wonder why I'm so inactive back in high school...
No use turning back time now, not like I can do so xD

A New Beginning =S

First day of university was totally a disaster!
From at least 10 hours of a sleep a day became 3 hours.
Not only was I unable to sleep well,
classes were from 8 am all the way till 6 pm
and the worst thing is 7 hours break in between!

Second day was just like any average day in Monash.
During break time, we were roaming around looking for entertainment
n' to our surprise there was some 100plus challenge - to complete a game
Being the fastest win you a prize - daily and monthly category.
At first, I wasn't keen in playing this game.The temporary 100+ booth
Yesh, tons got hooked by the prizes I supposedHere's a pic of Ian n' his friend

After standing at the SAME SPOT for 10 minutes,
I thought I gave it a try
n' I'm glad I did!Yeap, that's me - first placed
Got four movie tickets n' half a dozen of 100+
If my record time lasts throughout the month,
that would definitely make me a happie man!
Yesh, first prize for being the fastest person in Selangor will win aniPhone
The satisfaction of getting a prize wasn't the greatest,
it is winning n' being the first in the challenge =)
Who says playing games especially puzzles is bad?
Turns out otherwise eh?

Second day overwrited my worst first day
David Cheong ish a happie guy =D

Kissing Turned 21!

March 2nd...
Someone turned 21!
n' joining the ranks of 21 year olds! xD

Happy 21st Bdae Kee Seng!Taken in your house right? haha
Anyway, hope you enjoyed your so-called party?
n' I don't care if you like the cap or not (you better like it!!!)Finally legal =)
- can start kissing people already but first get a gf kay? -

Too many people missing =(
I'm sure none of them have forgotten you yet laaaa! =)