End of Story

The fiscal year of 2011/2012 is coming to an end!
Almost everything was smooth sailing with some minor problems here n' there
It was a great run with the Leo Club of Monash University
Through this club, I had ultimately gained experience, friendship n' so much more

Our final GM at the staff lounge
Attendance didn't turned out well
However, I always prefer quality than quantity.
President announcing the new BOD of fiscal year 2012/2013
Familiarize yourselves with these new faces
Our dinner at Pappa Rich, as we discussed the birthday of two members
The new treasurer with Kylie Westlife!
Happy that our term is coming to an end perhaps?
These are the two lucky members =P
Happy Birthday Hema n' Michelle!
This is the end of my fairy tale ;)
This is just the beginning for them though!
My last audit as the Vice President of Leo! LOL
Leo Club! RAWR!!! =)

Chiling Falls

Another outing at Chiling Falls once again.
This time was with Leo Club whereby Kim Hock volunteered to organize
Organizing such events would be way easier without going through officials
Proposals, risk assessments, n' insurances. In one way, it's for our own good.

After approximately 2 hours of drive.
This was the start of our trek to the falls.
This was the easy part, crossing the huge obstacles
A total of 6 river crossings
The strong currents didn't make the trek easier
Behold! Chiling Falls!
Another spectacular view!
Getting right into the splashing action
Keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings
Their preference to sit back n' relax
Notice the butterfly?
Supposedly, jumping off the falls was off limits
After multiple pleads from Viran, I gave in =.=
Girls getting all wet =P
Boon n' Kim
Sacrificed to be the photographer D=
Non-stop camwhoring action!
I accidentally elbowed him
Kim decided to call for backup
Looks like couple holding hands =X
This is how I looked when I decided to join in the fun!
Heading home now =)
A lil blur but at least this is a complete picture! =)

Pictures courtesy of Shameema!

Pride of Leo

Almost every semester, Leo Club would have a few similar events
Such events include fundraisers, health awareness week n' recycling campaigns
This has been a tradition for us ol' Leos until new ideas surfaced from the newer Leos
Well, it is still considered as community service n' a good platform for everyone =)

The first event was a fundraiser led by Leo Zhi Wyai
Coincidentally, we had a Leo member whose birthday which was round the corner.
This person is none other than Shuaib!
Never have I met a person more humble than him =)
Most definitely a superior addition to the Leo Club!
Shuaib alongside other supportive members
Looks like he's falling asleep after so much camwhoring =S
Back to raising funds for Madam Kang.
Tau Foo Fah
The backbone of the fundraiser event
This event was the Recycling Awareness Campaign
The final flower product!
Pretty isn't it?
Unlike previous semesters, we collected the recyclables first before the campaign
Blood, sweat n' toil
Look at that huge amount of 'collectibles'
Hardly enough room for people to fit in the elevator
Cleaning up after everything's good to go!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Nuff said...

Another amazing collection by Kylie Westlife!