La Magnificience - Royale!

A prom just like every other year!
The only difference? I had graduated now
n' this time round I had a date too =)
Engineers would probably be too busy to attend another prom...

Lee, our walking library
Well, close enough =P
Chris n' his girlfriend,
Jun Min - recently attached
Xander, after a period of absence
Jerry of Crossing Boundaries
Janice as I would call her
tons of admirers xD
OJ - doesn't stand for orange juice okay? haha
Currently housemates with Jun Rong >_<
Ding Xian, best of luck to you to be a top psycho!
I heard Wai Yan travels often to nice countries.
I'm so jealous!
Ivan Koh, a damn good sportsman!
Handsome too, I wonder why he didn't join Mr. Monash
With Yin Xian, our Miss Monash 2012!
Could barely recognise Tienni that night
Coincidentally Rachel's birthday falls on the same day as prom night
Li Shan, got to know her as Zhi Wyai's friend
Wan Ling (top) n' Ee Ling (bottom)
You would really wonder if they are sisters
Melissa, too bad you decided to quit Leo =(
Ken n' I go way back in the Leo days!
Good ol' times
My peeps =)
Introducing, my date of the night!
and we're currently attach, so get your hands off her! =P
A decent picture by Kylie
Farzhy, thanks for allowing me to be taller *lol*
Qian Ru with her bangs,
looking like a china doll
Mae with her unlimited supplies of nice dresses O.o
First time seeing Michelle in braids :O
In fact she looks nice =D
Wai Xin looking a little hotter than average rabbits
Kylie, our future paparazzi
Is it me or girls look hotter in prom? LOL
Adjusting the corsage I got for Hooinee =)
Yi Zheng stepping up as the first male secretary in my 4 years Leo service
Zhi Wyai, my roommate for a year before he ditch me for another guy XD
Boon Hoe, my partner in crime for so many damn years
We're in the same batch of Engineering, hang out with the same Leo gangs
n' mind you, he's the president of our club =D
Kim 'Superman' Hock - best bud in the field of Mechanical Engineering
Without him, I would have gotten lost halfway in my 4 year dewgree
Posers =.=
Not too shabby eh?
A whacky shot of us being uhhh whacky...
Loads of people feel that we're getting married
n' the rest are 'heng dai's n' 'ji mui's
Our signature pose
Polaroid on this special occasion
Brothers for life! =)
♥ Hooinee ♥

Credits to Kylie, my ♥ n' a few other photographers!

A Happy Belated Birthday Post

Well, this is a lil backlogged
June's birthday was all the way back in February...
Remember my farewell post for her?
She's back but I've yet to meet up with her

Nope, we're not celebrating in KL
Back when Heng Luen's schedule was still available
On a side note, couples are always late =P
Brandon n' Michelle
Weng Howe n' Shu Shan
Guess we were a little bored of waiting
Still awaiting for the arrival of Miss Lee Ann June
Her majesty had finally arrived!
Looks like a seahorse? =P
Recognize this guy from A&W?
He's pretty famous =P
iPod Touch 32 GB
Putting it into use right away
With the birthday girl
Looks like its her lucky day, congrats!
Doesn't she know its rude to be a lamp post? haha
Being intimate with girls on the other hand its a-ok
Happy Birthday, June!
Ivan doing what he does best, eat! XD
Good company is what makes birthdays sweeter =)
A picture right before we head for home

Pictures courtesy of Brian Chye!