Challenging the Viper!

Asia' toughest obstacle event
20 km run (are you out of your mind?)
with 20 obstacles (if the run wasn't enough?)
What do you think the outcome was...

Guess what?!?
Yeap, through blood, sweat n' toil, we made it through!
Of course, we didn't leave the girls behind
Unfortunately, they have to make a move earlier
That taste good yea? haha
Time to train harder for the next one.
If I'm going that is =P
For now, this will suffice.
Proud to say that I am a viper challenge finisher!

Beautiful. Colourful. Wonderful.

A great night out with buds from Ipoh
Catching up before one of them heads for Singapore
No doubt, the place we're heading cost more because of the ambiance
See for yourself, rooftop bar...  

A view from the rooftop
The bachelor who most probably gonna get married first
My gal n' me =)
All of us brought our other half
Well... almost!
Didn't I mentioned colourful?

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Beaching Around

It's day two n' what else is left to do at a beach
So off we go for some water action
Hoping to find some nemo on the way!

The coast is clear!
Gentlemen, brace yourselves
Fooling around with the fishies
Looks like the couple had enough of water for the day
Touring the island by boat...
n' by feet
We have some pretty boys *phewwit*
As the day comes to an end, everyone looks not so sober
The junk that went inside the tummy for the past few days
Heading back soon, but first let us take a selfie ^_^
Seems like we're in a very foul mood
Or not... =D

Credits to Brandon n' Boon Hoe