Anticipation n' Question Marks?

First, he suspected us to be in Publika
We were almost caught red handed if Wai Xin did not chop off her hair
Birthday boy's mom also mentioned that we were at the door
Questions marks... everywhere

Her mom insisted that we have a proper meal before letting us leave
Cravings for soup temporarily satisfied ^_^
Second round at Tappers with Zhi Wyai coming straight from work

Much ♥ from Zheng
Framed up by the birthday boy! =P

Bukit Gambang

My very first annual dinner in Ingersoll
Looks like it's going to be a challenging year ahead
Being appointed as the recreational head in my very first year
Time to step up my game!

Animals are scarce in this safari
At least we have a consolation price
Deng deng!!!
What are you looking at?
Some of my colleagues - Jordan
Yes, that's Terry n' Koh
Did I mention to you I won a lucky draw?
This would be the third one =)
Keep it coming babeh!
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Behind Every Cloud is a Silver Lining

Here's to another year for Mr. Blur
This person is none other than Yang Ge Wei
Hope the coming year would be filled with less blurry things XD
Oh yea, burn some fat so you can fit that tee perfectly

You have no idea what we been through to get him here
He looks a lil happier with the girls
Probably need to train him to smile this year XD
Here's to many more birthdays together bro!

Free Fooooood!

It's all about the food that we ate in Singapore
Best of all, it's all free =O
Dream come true!

TCC which seems to be attached to every MRT station in SG
the texture of their hazel chocolate milkshake was awesome >_<
Do not ever think of stepping foot into Jamie Oliver's
if you're not thinking of eating their pasta.
Big mistake on our part
Stone Cold Creamery
You should see how they scoop the ice creams haha
Swensen's sirloin steak was good
Probably I'm bias n' seldom eat steak
This lamb chop at the Chop House wasn't too shabby either
However, I was craving for beef noodles instead =P
Just a light snack for supper which proved a lil too much for me

Those were the days

There was a point in time I wonder when it was my turn
Being in the next phase of life does make me reminisce the past
No point dwelling in the past, time to move forward n' face the future
A heartiest congratulations to the fresh graduates!

Looks like Zheng's teddy bear is the one graduating
Jeff has one too many admirers
Our rabbit, Wai Xing has all grown up =')
Presenting the graduates from Leo v2.0
Let's not forget our masters holder, Yeong Thean
Looks like Santa granted his wish this year =P
Due to my disability of not being able to split myself into two,
I chose to follow the v2.0 as I am one of the younger ones ^_^V
1 Restaurant
Celebrating for 2 People
But there were 3 different birthdays

One word. Epic

Salary, the only thing not going up.

Well, getting a house is more of a necessity now
What's the point of paying for rental when you can own it
But everything under the sun is going up...
How can one afford with the salary being the only thing constant.

Anyway, house warming by Jason
It's been a long time since we had pizza ^_^

Do let me know if you have any houses for sale ;)
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Well, there is a downturn in the economy
So, we must be wise in our expenditure
A promise to go to a gathering
doesn't mean I can't eat before hand XD

I forgot to mention it was around Halloween time
Thus, the decoration
Have you met... my xiong di?
Kylie n' her kickass camwhoring skills
Looks like I'm closing my eyes O.o
Must be influenced by Ge Wei
Forever alone me.

Credits to Kylie!

Just Stopping By

House warming n' a simple celebration
It's been awhile...
Even the long lost DJ is here for the gathering
For once, we had steamboat instead of bbq
Good for a change =)