Well, I've heard of iPhone n' iPod
This is the first time I've come across iCity
n' going there was definitely quite a spontaneous thing I did
Glad I went over. It was pwetty! =)
It was supposed to be a MEMS event butttt
half of the people who went were from Leo though
I guess this was the only pic with non Leo members xDEmo emo emo xPA group pic once we dispatched from the whole group
See, what did I told ya. Totally Leo right? lolS Club 7 wannabes
The only difference was an extra guy and a girl less =PPwetty lil tree n' some weird looking animals
We weren't allowed to go closer into the vicinity though =(
I wanted to ride that animal (sounds wrong haha)Looks like some creature in Avatar. no?
Take a closer look n' you'll see WH picking its nose!Chien emo - service is slow
Me emo - all seafood -.-This was what made her happy temporarily
Some blue lychee drink, fascinating really xDThis was my dinner for the night apparently
Kerepok lekor!!! Don't ask me why I can eat that >_<
n' thanx Brian again for the pics, yes you!!!
Peace out ♥♥

Petrosains with Kids =)

It was an eye opening experience for me to go to Petrosains
Well, we brought the orphans with us, who said it's for kids only?I'm pretty sure we had fun ourselves
Count your lucky stars if you still stay with your parents
considering this kids who had been abandoned for God knows what reasons. -.-
Camwhoring while waiting for the rest to reach.
u know la, malaysian people n' their timing -.-Exchanging phone contacts in case we get lost? hahah!Checklist or headcount? xD
Looks more like we're fighting thoughOur photographer #2
Introducing, Viran Salgado!No idea what I said to him
Richard looks stunned xD n' he's our third photographer =POur honorary female photographer, Qisthina!Foooood, Glorious Fooood!
Don't even realise we were being captured by the camJames on the controls while Ezra looks onMy kid playing some games >_< What's inside?Multiples of Chien n' her kid xDSome define fun as being obscene in front of publicwhile others prefer to display it on a screen.Some strength testing game =P
I lose to my kid, can you believe it?Lights on, press. Lights off, find another light to press.
Simple as that.On the way back to the entranceBrandon n' his kid Ezra with me n' my kid, James
A group pic before the caretake takes 'em home.
Hopefully they had an awesome time =)

You must be wondering where is photographer #1
Nope, I haven't forgotten him
Here he is with his so called girlfriend =P
Once again credits goes to all the photographers!

Eating Spree! ♥

Holidays have always been great.
What's better this time is we went on a eating spree or
what these whackos call it, the whacking spree
Three hours of non stop eating action and basically talking crap!
In the midst of ordering our appetizers
Have a look at the various dishes we have ordered =PI think this was the Marmite chicken3 different types of fish were ordered
Seafood were never really my type of dishWhack until I didn't even know the camera was pointed at me
A special skill has to be applied to consume this dishBefore consuming, you'll have to first suck the masam out! xD
Believe it or not, we ordered this SAME dish for 7 times!
Look how happy Chien is =P
Loook at them, all whack till wanna die >_<
So I thought them my secretFirst, you have to be tough enough!
Finally, you'll find treasure inside!
For the detailed storyline, please visit facebook xDDessert is served!With great food, comes great camwhoring abilities =P
We ate around 30 different dishes.
I think we'll most probably be banned from this restaurant at Puchong >_< I still don't think we're able to break even though Credits once again goes to Brian the awesome photographer!!!

Let's Rescue Earth

Rescue Earth sounds like some grand thing doesn't it?
Well, it's just a night out to get to know the members better =)
with the sole objective being to promote the usage of biodegradable materials
Icebreaking session to get to know the members betterlet me introduce you to
Brain on the left n' Brian on the right xD
Finally, dinner was served!Look at all those emo faces >_< Preparing for the sketchYet another group
Lucky Brandon =P
Some environmental quiz
Pretty easy considering it was objective
simply tembak only la, hahahaGamemasters - Boon Hoe n' Yours truly
giving orders for the next task.Members collecting items from A all the way till ZLook at the amount of cards they have collected -.-Members getting ready for the sketch
as they watch other groups perform first.You think, I think (-.-''')
Bunch of imitators!!!Paper n' scissors
No idea where they came up with the name >_<
Group Cool with Mr Cool standing in the middle.Makan group -.-
It's so obvious Chien's the one who came up with the idea! HahahaSexay
Brandon sibeh lucky, so many gals in his group
Special Thanks to the Committee :
OC - Michael Lee
F & B - Shaun Lim
Photographer - Brian Chye
Gamemaster n' my other half for the night xD - Fong Boon HoeTurnout wasn't as good as expected
Butttttt we had our fair share of fun =)
Kudos to all who made it n' help make the event a success!

We had the losing group to propose to the winning team as punishment
A special treat for all you peeps who stayed till the end of this post.
If you added me on FB - you'll see me proposing to my other half xD
Till next time! Enjoy the video =P