A Dolphin Surprise

Our surprise organised by dolphin
You probably wonder who is this mysterious person haha
That's for me to know n' you to find out ;)

By far the best cake I've tasted so far
Surprise made possible to dolphin!
Leonardo's with great ambience
Guess whose the cameraman or woman?
Let's dig in
It's all about the bling $$
Before we apply some cream on his face
Ending the post with a bang!

Pictures by Dolphin

Where to next?

Remember the night before?
Perhaps we're all too hangover to realise what's happening
Well, for one, we're still alove n' kicking =P

Some of us still finding the strength to wake up
Getting ready to leave
The boss wanted us on their fb page
That's us on the Awanmulan page
Still waiting for time to past before all of us are fully sober
The Awanmulan bbq preparation team
I'm not sure whether they are trying to be calendar girls
What do you want from me Brandon?
Are we leaving now?
All in all, it was a good outing for us to catch up =)
We should do this again sometimes!
Where to next!?


Apparently, this place is among the top Malaysian destinations
It's hidden away from the hustle n' bustle of the city
Even those from Seremban are not aware of its existence
Thanks to Shu Shan for flushing this retreat out =D

Leading the way ;)
Though there were many setbacks,
we manage to pull through
Do you see what I see haha, love spot
This is the resting place of mulan, their dog
Just sit back n' relax
I'll be right out in a sec xD
Poolside bbq for later
Advertising for Bollywood movie
Girls without swimming suit would have to swim nakie xD
Oh no?!?
What happened to guys left girls right?
That's the view from atop
Troop leader starting the fire
The girls camwhoring as usual
while us guys act like we're doing something
Whose birthday you asked?
Ta-da, Chee Sheun, Brian n' Pei Yee
Many happy returns!
Spoiler alert!
Chubby bunnies
Bottoms up!

Credits to birthday boy!

Mae, June n' July

Though the last birthday wasn't much of a surprise
We are successful although she was slightly under the weather
I guess this surprise acted as an antivirus hehe
It was Mae's birthday with the help of June in July XD

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts!
Ben n' Nick's special Cajun Chicken!
Mae you have a great surprise haha
That's all folks!


After the Cairns trip,
half the time was spend looking for this
I'm not sure if it's an investment or not haha

Ba ba ba ba ba na na
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Break a Leg!

Well, in layman's terms it means good luck =D
Two of the finest Leos are heading back to their hometown
It's with great honour n' pleasure to bid them goodbye
Until the next time!

These are the dedicated leos of  fiscal year 2011/2012
All I can say is Tropicana rocks hahaha
Shuaib n' Miyuru =)
The immediate past president up to his mischief again
Come back soon okay!?
Leo won't be the same without you two around ;)
Bon voyage bro
I guess this is goodbye... =')

May our paths cross once again in the near future!