Finally, Singapura

Well, I've recently changed job to none other than
Ingersoll Rand
The company sent us to Singapore for a week's training
Nevertheless, it was a fun trip =P

A picture of my colleague n' our hotel room ;)

Hope the training never ends =D

Merry Kurimasu!

All I want for Christmas is you!
Merry Christmas n' Saranghaeyo~~~
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Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Girl

As we never had the chance to have a celebration
It's about time we throw a surprise for her
Although there is a video on her epic expression
I'm not sure the whereabouts of the video.
You probably had already guessed where we had our dinner
Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf
Their signature dish, looks yum!
Hey girl, it's your birthday!
So, make a wish!
n' last but not least, bottoms up!

Pulau Pinang~

Penang, all you can eat...
Everyone has their restrictions be it pork or beef.
My restriction to those who know me well is seafood.
Because of that, it's more of a 'all you can see'

Taking time off from food overload
Penang is famous for its street art
Particularly for this mural
Little children on bicycle n' the big bad boy
That kid doesn't look happy they are sitting on his bike
Something cooling for the warm weather
So, you think you can jump?
After all those food, it's time to drop a bomb
I actually mind paying money who are not disabled
Asking RM3 for doing nothing is extortion
Go n' F... Yourself
Waiting for the bus
to get to Clarke Quay xD
Each of us pretending to be some character
Look out, the ball's going straight to your face
I'm sorry but we ran out of cloth
Looks like Charlie wants a piece of her O.o
I guess Charlie changed his mind.
Nothing to be ashamed about bro XD
For your eyes only

I'll be back next time Penang ;)

The Infamous Day

The infamous person's birthday has arrived
This person is always late, never early
Nevertheless, it's her day
Let's not spoil it for her =P

Managed to contact her mom to arrange some sort of plan
She even cook all this food for us >_<
I'm not that healthy haha
This was the highlight of the day *drools*
The third one on the right looks exactly like her XD
Introducing the kuli of the day
She wasn't tall enough to reach the card
But with a lil help, she manage to do it
Happy birthday infamous person XD


Sekinchan has been a trend amongst my friends
I guess it's about time I took a visit there
See for yourself =)

The legendary Sekinchan
That's all you need to see here
The lush greenery
Having some alone time with the paddy field
Rice production factory
A glimpse of the process
Something I can never live without
Something to cool us down after all the sweating
I have what you don't =P
Decided to take a look at their beaches before heading for lunch

Photographer of the day!


A total bill of RM467.50
n' the number of people is 10
You do the math!
It's literally costing me an arm n' a leg

Overall, the quality didn't disappoint
Besides, there's always the saying...
One year older guys! =P

Good n' Bad

Bad news is I got into a minor accident
Well, no point frowning upon it
Good news is Wei Siang's turning a year older,
a reason to celebrate, yay!

Due to the exam season, everyone was kinda tied up
The birthday boy in action
Exams doesn't mean we do not need to fill our tummy right?

Hope you had fun! =)