Bon Voyage Shu Shan!

This must be the most delayed post ever.
Almost three months later than the actual date.
Took two days leave from my internship company just to send them off!

Went straight to Chien's house after reaching Subang
Still Chinese New Year season, all the more reason to 'bai nian'
My sifu, Heng Luen n' I
My first rubik's cube lesson was successful!
We also had the privilege to try keropok from Terengganu
Very different from your average cookie eating session during CNY xD
This was how they keep themselves busy.
Some online music gaming
Our bai nian session coming to an end
Of course, group pic to commemorate the place =P
She already knew what was coming, n' the supposedly candlelight dinner
turned out to be a farewell dinner for her.
BUT... of course, my presence did shocked her beyond words.
The picture says it all! xD
Can finally relax after a long distance journey.
The 2 couples n' I
Become Lightbulb only -.-|||
My sifu seems to like obscene pics recently.
Here's a sample of his recent behaviour.
Shu Shan n' I
One last pic with her before she left for Aussie
The couple - Shu Shan n' Weng Howe =D
If not mistaken, the place is known as Bumbu Bali
Area in Puchong.
We head over to Weng Howe's place where I crash for the night
This is where I started to master my Rubik's cube!
Still fascinated with it for the day. Not anymore?
The photographer has a tendency to set the camera to capture 3 times
Due to the lack of poses, I decided to walk out of the picture instead XD
One last pic of the couple just at the airport, just before she leaves.

Looking at the good side of it, she'll be back in approximately two months time.
But, he'll be transferring over to Aussie after that -.-|||

Pics courtesy of Brian Chye once again!