2011 signifies the year of the rabbit
This year has started out quite hectic n'
I don't think it will end anytime soon with the responsibilities n' workload

Everyone still needs to take a break once in awhile right?
Holidays are scarce during this working period
5 days of leave during this Chinese New Year period although one was unpaid -.-|||At Secret Garden during the night of Reunion Dinner
We took three wrong turns before getting the right turn
Hence the name? -.-
At Kong's house on the first day of the Chinese calendar
He's planning to apply for PR in Aussie, forcing him to stay there for at least 2 years
Hopefully he's able to get it although competition would be tough
Third day of the Chinese New Year
With Sam n' Yang at some pub at "Tungkui"
Forgot what I was talking about,
the worse thing is we were standing next to the speaker -.-
Last day before I head back to work
At Kopitiam, heading to Jill's house bai nian =P
Pity Yang, look at his right eye
The third day of working after the long break
Yea, those are almost half of my office colleagues

Went out 4/5 days during my break =DCaught up with friends, some of them I even lost contact
Despite the number of pictures taken
Perfect timing for me to rest n' relax!
2011 will started off great, n' I hope it'll end with a BANG!!!

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Talk Bout Random O.o

It was a random Sunday,
when Yen decided to come visit Ipoh xD
Again we went to most of the famous places in Ipoh,
which I feel most of them are over-rated
Unfortunately, Joan was still in Singapore who couldn't join us
We had our lunch at Dave's Diner recommended by Rachel
The place was alright, but if you ever go there, Do NOT order salmon.Went to Kopitiam for round two of crap talking n' camwhoring
Addicted to some reaction testing game.Mei Yen who decided to come to Ipoh on this random Sunday xD
n' the other kaki from Ipoh, RachelDon't I make a good photographer?
Well, they don't think so but who cares *haha*Well, Yen drove this car all the way from Taiping
4WD, but I forgot what model it is. =P

Pics courtesy of Yen's DSLR

Lanric - Annual Dinner

This summer was basically for me to fulfill the requirement to graduate from Monash
Made the choice to do my internship in Lanric back in my hometown.
Their annual dinner was on the 22nd of January at Royal Perak Golf ClubBeing only an intern, I was \to oversee the PA system with a colleague of mine
Thanks to the social skills that I've picked up in recent years,
I had a friend who was in charge that particular night!
Giving me a chance to pick up bits n' parts instead of taking charge with no clue.

Some pics while digesting all the words! xDDidn't have the chance to really enjoy the food, but at least I learnt something new.Just gotta love this dish, lamb if not mistaken.They had Mr n' Ms Lanric judging by their whole year performance
n' the person with majority votes wins the prize.With colleagues right after the annual dinner!
Well, guess what? I won a steam iron worth of RM350 =P
What luck I have!

Being an annual event, the boss decided to treat us at a pub nearby, De Nest!
The place was nice, with cute singers XDDue to the fact that there are no other pool players,
a colleague from the KL branch treated me to a few games of pool.
With the condition that the loser have to drink!
It's not good to turn down a new friend right?After about 5 bottles?
A shot of me in my tipsy condition.One of the seniors in Lanric n' one of the pioneers
With Ah Soon n' Looi =)
Soon has been a great support to me!
Appreciate the effort, bro!

7 Days n' counting till I leave Lanric!
Can't believe I'm saying this,
Can't freaking wait to get back to university! =D
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December might be a joyful time as it's summer holidays
but it's also time to say farewell.
4 people were leaving cg, so we had a lil farewell dinner at Italiannies
A random shot outside of ItalianniesAmong those who were leaving cg :
ChinWay heading to another cg,Ray, the graduate! =) onward to working life from now on!
Rachel(top) n' Serene(bottom) will be going to Johor to further their studiesAll the best to the both of ya!

2011 will definitely be different as it will be less noisier...
but these people will still put cg in place =PSiewmin, our cg leader will still be here of course!Jay Sern, who has always been the host!
Ian, my buddy since A-levels
Calvin, the full time joker n' part time student xDWith stooopidchild, Yen
Steph, fellow Leo assosiate =Pn' last but not least,
Joan, another Ipoh kia! *yay*

The night was still young,
Had few games of Wolf at Lakeside Campus.
What can I say? Spectacular view of the lakeside!

When we were almost doneSent Rachel back to One World HotelEarly breakfast at McDonald's
If not mistaken, it was 4+am in the morning hahaMoontanning xDOne last round of camwhoring before we head home ourselves
Still looking goooood at 4+am xD
*Reminder to self - never to cut my hair so short again... -.-|||*
This could well be the last group pic together before we meet up the next time again!
Best of luck to ya 4!!!

Credits to Rachel Lim for the pics!