Have you met Daniel Wellington? XD


Daniel Wellington is brand founded by Filip Tysander and popularly known for its trendy designs of watches. The founder had started its business after meeting a nice gentleman who was classy yet very relaxed and unpretentious. Filip Tysander was amazed with the man and decided to name his business after him. The inspiration in his designs of watches was mainly because of that man whose name was daniel wellington. Daniel Wellington brand offers men with stylish and trendy watch designs suitable to be worn to any occasions. The face design of the watches from Daniel Wellington is simple and suitable for men who are attempting a modest look.

Men could select from Daniel Wellington thin and elegant watches to fit their own taste and personality. The brand incorporated Filip Tysander good friend interest in wearing Nano strap watches as their watch theme collection. If you are wondering what are Nano straps, they are originated from the British navy where diver wear nylon straps over their suit to avoid rust. The colourful straps are suitable for men who want to pair it with a pair of Bermuda shorts and collared shirt during the weekends. It gives off a casual aura while maintaining a trendy masculine feel.

The Daniel Wellington leather watches will definitely be appropriate to wear to the office as the simple and sleek design offers men a professional yet stylish look. The classy leather strap watches projects a timeless confidence in your style without having to worry looking out-of-date. Step into a meeting with the clients showing off your credibility with the perfect watches from Daniel Wellington. Interested to get one to pair with your office attire? Visit Zalora website as they offer you a wide selection of Daniel Wellington watches online with fabulous stylish designs.

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A Lil Bit of This & That

Old but I'm not that old
Perhaps work has taken a toll on me
Young but I'm not that bold...
Nevertheless, this still keeps me going =)

Every now n' then, I still enjoy sitting on that pillar
Especially during fellowships
Gone were the days when I had my first orientation
n' mine wasn't even in this grand hall
I'm a qualified blood donor =D
Due to unforeseen circumstances
Beach Cleaning turned into a fellowship outing
An unofficial trip to Chilling Falls
bringing it to a total of 3 times that I have visited this place

♫♪ a lil bit of this & that ♪♫
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The 4th Month of the Year

A gathering for April babies
Certainly couldn't ask him for opinions for places to eat
See if you can find the similarities in this pic
Hint : male

Chinese food is still the best food :)
Restaurant Uno
Italian's good albeit on the pricey side
Last but not least, Jibby n' co.
The place which made me laosai TWICE
I doubt I will go back there anytime soon