Happy Bdae Poh's!

Happy Bdae to the Poh's
They are a couple... such a coincidence to have the same surname =PJust joking, they are siblings.
Look sweet together hor? haha

Happy 21st Bdae, Sarah Poh!No doubt you'll be having all the fun and blessings in Aussie!
Take good care of yourself aight?

n' also
Happy 20th Bdae, Poh Jay Sern!Just realised I never take a solo picture with you before.
Had to stalk your facebook for pics.
Big boy dy... take pic also so yeng zai... like me xD
Will be seeing you next week!
You should really put this pic as your profile picture!Then again, you won't even come across this blog. >.<
Ending this post at almost 12 am Malaysian timing...
Just a thought : wondering how's the former E7 members???

Tick Tock

Now, it's 10.30 pm
Not talking bout the time actually.
I'm 21 n' still aging...
Not talking bout how fast time flies either.

Wanted to talk bout my biological clock.
You should know what's that right? If you dunno... erm go check it yourselves la...
Studying in Monash University - Sunway Campus.
It still follows the Australian system so I'm on summer break now
Seriously freaking hot here in Malaysia... How I wish there's four seasons here.In Malaysia, there's only one season 'umpama' summer throughout the year!!!
Since I'm on summer break, I've been a nocturnal creature by day
n' an insane human by night.
The least sleep I've been having is 10 hours a day?
average time of sleeping - 4 am
average time of getting up - 1 pm
n' I still can't get enough of it!!!
8 am classes starting next monday
My biological clock's haywired - technically it's still not fixed yet...
2 more days to go

How I wish this summer never ends! =(
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Blood, Sweat n' Tears???

You should have heard this as an idiom before.
However, I'm gonna relate this to this year's Chinese New Year...

Blood - For the married couples, giving out ang pow's like nobody's business.
I think they would rather kill themselves but... its tradition. too bad =P
Sweat - I'm pretty sure this occurs to every Tom, Dick n' Harry
feeling the heat from the scorching sun.
Tears - Petrol. Need I say more? Travelling all around Ipoh in a car...
To some, losing gambles would cost them as well.

Well, Chinese New Year isn't all that bad.
I'm glad to say that never have I spent a single boring moment during this CNY.

Getting too wordy, not my style at all.
Let's proceed to the pictures =DHeard of Reunion Dinner? This is the friends version. xD
'Ngam Ngam' 10 people - 1 table
With Kong.Choong Siang, friend since kindergarden. 16+ years?
With DJ. Nope not those disco DJ =P
Snooker - Entertainment during CNY
Sam, always making funny faces >.<
At Kong's open houseBigger group... same locationUncle Ducky - Kar MingThe only gal in the post. Jillian xP

Summer is ending... I'll have to go back to Monash soon
Gotta spend the rest of my holidays well! =)
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Me, Myself and I

Been 3 years since I left school.
Lifestyle changed so much from the time when I was in school.

Still remembered the first day I went to Sunway with not a single friend.
Eventually knew everyone by the second day of the course =DPicture with our Maths Lecturer, Mr GohOuting at Sunway LagoonFinally, graduated from A-Levels

During that period of time, I stayed in Sunway Hostel.
Environment was good BUT the SECURITY SUCKS!!!The oldest batch in hostel, without Boon Ann =(

Still kept in touch with my Ipoh buddies =D
11 years of schooling... How could I forget them?Genting TripIn Jaya Jusco

Went to City Harvest KL, introduced by a fellow A-levels classmate =)
It has been a life changing experience alongside God and the church!My cell group, E7 during Asia Conference

Life went on, and the next instant - doing engineering in Monash University.
Bunch of crazy maniacs.Last day of exams...
while celebrating Hui Sue's bdae and Vincent's belated bdae =P

You don't have to tell me I lack of girl friends -.-
Time does flow extremely fast.
Learnt so much ever since I came to KL that I never bothered to know.
Thought I would have regret the day I left Ipoh but not at all!

I love myself!!! xPSave your breath...
Camwhoring is good at times you know? =P

Australia Bound

I don't get why so many leave to Australia at the SAME TIME!
So yea, another friend going to Aussie... but at least this time I get to send her off
Flight was at LCCT n yea u guessed it =P
I never heard of it before till today...

LCCT was much smaller but the AirAsia flights are cheaper supposedly.
Suddenly, I felt like becoming a pilot.
Jonathan's bdaeIpoh TripSarah's FarewellCny Midweek Service

This friend of mine is none other than Sarah Poh!So many people came for her flight. (some even skipped class)
How influencial can she be?
If I ever fly off, I'll make sure I call everyone in my phone list.

Nicholas' Farewell

Went to Din Tai Fung with a bunch of friends. =)
They said it's famous but I've never heard of it till I went there myself.
My first time eating dim sum in the evening? O.o

Xiao long bao was the best xDMe n' Luan, roommate for 3 years?

Went to Republic to have a drink =,=
just ONE mug of Tiger beerAll of us (I'm the youngest lol)Me n' Ben

Can't believe I know this guy for two years n' this is the first time take a solo picture with him.Nicholas n' me
If not mistaken, he's transferring to Melbourne. So this is the last time I see him?
Hopefully it'll be a great experience for him! n that he'll do well in his studies! =D

Seems like I'm the only one still in Malaysia.
It sucks -.-
Just wondering when will it be my turn to fly =D

War Zone

Went to Guo Joon's house to have a 'lil' drink...
Learnt a new drinking game haha. very fun and interesting!
All you need is a pack of card n' good company!
Interested? then ask me personally whatever way u can find me =P

Some pics :Still standing...Not anymore... wait them till tertidorThe war zone!Checking the casualties. XD

Definitely a crazy night. Can't walk properly n' I can see 10 people
spawning from just 2 guys!
Slept at 6-ish? Woke up at 9 to switch off air-cond
Continued to sleep... till 12+

Went Lunch with Sharon's family. No pics but it was nice!
Not too sure about the food. Tastebud's were numb due to the alcohol?
Enjoyed the company =D

Total Boredom

Been busy for the past few days.
Went to One U again but with a totally different bunch of friends - Monash friends.
Spent the whole day basically doing nothing much.
Lunch, Pool, Dota and lots of trash talking (that's pretty much what i do everyday)

Remember this guy? He'll be leaving Aussie soon... for one semesterHe's the guy who came for my birthday when so happened his internet crashed. LoL
Best of luck in Aussie. You won't need it actually. xD

Another friend of mine going back to China.
Sat down till 4 am just to take pictures n' uploading them =.=
Here are the results of our boredom :Luan n' Hu HuiThe three of us =DMe n' Hu Hui
n' last but not least -
So sweet right? Haha
P.S - They aren't gay =P

X-Change to Land Down Under

I still cant believe I'm already in Monash doing my second year second sem
Being in A-levels seemed just like yesterday which is still fresh in my mind.
Now, two of my friends from A-levels are leaving for Australia. =(

I'm glad that Sharon made it in the end which she wanted to 'ffk' at first.
It will be another year till I meet them I guess but I do hope this friendship will last!

Stopped by Kee Seng's house to pick him up n fooled around for an hour?Went to One-U and did some shopping and watched Universal Soldier.
Please do not watch this show. I Do Not Recommend At All.

I have no idea what's so popular bout this cat... Haha except that it looks a lil cuteGuess where we had our dinner?Dinner was at Pizza Milano. Price was cheaper than average.
Portion was quite big but I personally feel the food is just normal.
Obviously, it's not about the food most of the time. It's all about the FELLOWSHIP!
Sharon, me n' Guo JoonKee Seng n' me being weird =D
Me, Yi Fon n suddenly Sharon came into the picture. lol
Male half, Guo JoonFemale Half, Sharon Tan
I like this pic alot =) except the fact that the picture is a bit blurA picture of the sweet couple =DHope you two will do well in Australia but do not stay there forever.
I still wanna see u two =X
Wish you two white hair till old, together forever...
Remember invite me bila kahwin wor... =P