The Year of the Steadfast Horse

During this festive season of Chinese New Year...

more eating
more camwhoring
more gambling
even more camwhoring XD

Life of An Engineer

Looks like there's no denying the fact
Everyone is getting busier with their own schedule
Of course, I do believe that people can make time
It's just a matter of priorities.

With the fellow engineers during this auspicious day
Keit n' the rest of us at the Big Bad Wolf
Wishing you a happy birthday bro =)

Of Potluck & Mahjong

Potluck gathering organised by Yi Zheng
We were joined by his high school gang
Also, this is the day when I finally learnt mahjong *grin*
For a mere rm3.60 as tuition fees, all I need to do is get more experience

Didn't manage to take a picture of what was brought
Everyone was too hungry
What is Chinese New Year without lou sang
Just a lil something for the Feb babies
Hope all goes well in this horsie year!

Chinese Horsie Year!

The only picture deem appropriate to me
With the high school buddies

On a different note, Bubu just recently turned one!

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Italian Wan Tons

It will be awhile before I will be able to meet up with them
Sharon being posted to JB
n' our normal Saturday badminton routine is MIA
But it's good to see all of them doing well in life

Bad choice of choosing 'wan tons' in an Italian restaurant
Should have settled for a pizza instead
Strato @ Troika

Birthday For Capricorns

Well, being a capricorn is awesome
Why you asked? Hahaha cause I'm one!
We planned our birthday ourselves
but that doesn't mean we're any less awesome =D

GBK at Setia Walk
We got a great deal as we purchased them from Groupon
Good food & good company =)
Patricia's joining the gathering more frequent (Y)
It's been awhile since I last met her, glad you could make it!
Because of our gang, they were closed early for the night *grins*
I don't think we're suppose to put our feet up but who cares =P
Don't bother cleaning the mess created
Any ideas why we chose Setiawalk for our gathering?
I guess I was high even before any alcohol intake.
Capricorns unite!
This had a good feel to it =)
A selfie by the photographer
Time to instagram. But we really should consider the lighting effects XD

Pictures by Brian C.