Gala dinner sounds grand right?
It was done on a smaller scale basis to raise funds
for the Taiping Children's Home
Nevertheless, we are professionals in fusing fellowship into fundraising events!
Blowing balloons for the games
Yea, you guessed it alright.
I'm once again the gamemaster for the event xDDamn gay wei =S
I never imagined I could step into that zone.
Well, I continue to amaze myself each day xDNice backdrop right?
Lookie that choco banana boat =XThe emcee - Leon holding the mic
n' the OC - Chee Fei waiting to give a speechCan't believe flying is still possible in this era xDDinner is finally served!!! yay to food =P
n' after that would be stepping into my area of expertise - games!Balloon racePaper dancing.
Posing just before getting on the newspaperCharades - some music thing i think =PParticipants showing some talent in singingIt pays to be a committee member of the event
Got so damn lucky, I won first prize
6 Tenji vouchers!!! Simply awesome ♥Additional donations from Lion Nelson
President - June, IPP - Melissa, PP - Garry
Lion Nelson n' Lion Jamie with June's family
Kinda big reunion for such a small scale event, don't ya think? =PAfter event with June n' Boon HoeThose who stayed throughout the event =)Celebrated Brian's birthday on that day as well
Happie burfday dude =)

Credits to Viran as well as Brian for the awesome pics!


This year, prom was at One World Hotel
Thank Goodness not at Sunway Hotel AGAIN!
Let's not waste a single moment XD
Let me introduce you the people from the Engineering facultyThat's bout all of us who wentHe's Andrew KongThat's Timothy KuaIntroducing, Mr Kim,
Kim Hock
n' last but not forgetting
Kah Keat!The three musketeers from the same round table =P
With Timmy this time =P

Bad news is, there's not a gal in sight SO FAR
Good news is, that's not all xD
Those from Leo Club :Miss A. June, current president of our prestigious club xDMelissa, our dearest IPP!
My fav photographer of all time, Brian C
Ignore the extra hands.Mafia all the way from Sri Lanka, Viran!Financial specialist n' expert, Caryn
n' her predecessor, Janice (she still is though) xDServing the community n' *someone*, Weng Howe =P
Shu Shan, hmmm can you guess whose that someone? xD
My sexytary from Tropicana, Chee Sheun*ChiChing* from Humanity
She's Pei Yee
Brandon, my first kaki in Leo =P
Michelle, the one who wanted a farny poseThat's Ying Hui n' the Mafia's 'gun'Chien with the twins apparently xD
Yo yo, that's Charlene yo!Ken Soon? or Ken Chew? haha
Isaac aka Mr Cool xP
The roomies, Wee Chien n' Rui Jian
not mine though xDNon-Leo : Sue Tee

Last but not least!
Introducing the emcee of the evening,None other than Soo Kui Jien!!!
Lucky me =PThis is what happens when you have too big a gang
Two people wanna take a picture n' the whole pack runs in!Just before leaving for after-partyWonder why there's kura inside???Finally a nice pic of Boon Hoe n' me =)
*Cheers bro*Camwhoring continues!emo emo or was I drunk? hahahaAfter party rocked, except for some fat idiot xDMafia wannabe =P
Food wasn't that goooood. but for this kinda events
it's always the fellowship that matters
♥ Wouldn't be as awesome without you guys ♥
Credits all the way out to Brian and June!!!