Boob's Awareness Day (.Y.)

Every once a year, we would hold this day
to show our appreciation to boobs...
Without further ado, I would like to introduce to you

What were you expecting? A pair of them?!?
Please forgive our spelling mistake
Looks like Subang will be overpopulated by burgers soon enough

This particular restaurant is Burgertory
Thanks Boobs, you the best!
Me n' my Boob's
Surprisingly, Ge Wei has his eyes open
I guess he is still unaware of the lil yellow package
Look at the guy on the right.
Damn poser looo
Picture courtesy of Mr Chin Ka Lok XD

Over n' out!

The Great Gatsby Fundraiser

Well, you've read the book,you've watched the movie,
but have you played the game?
Leo Club organised the Great Gatsby charity fundraiser event!
Each station gives out a clue that reveals the murderer...

Have you registered?
Why conform to others when you can be unique? =D
Our emcees of the evening which also features Mr. Monash finalist
Live music performed by Game Phase
Looks like there's a murder
As usual, in Malaysia, everyone only looks n' talks about it
Detectives in the making
Ping pong balls to be thrown into those lil' cups
Daisy haunts this room
Can you guess what she is saying?
Don't say the taboo word(s)
So you think you can dance
Let's test how good you are at acting...
With a bit of luck, you might just get him to smile >_<
Draw something =)
n' this was how I met your mother!
Best dressed goes to Kaiser
n' winners of the night!!!
You've guessed it!
None other than yours truly n' my gang of detectives
Each of us gets 2 complementary desserts at TGIF!
Looks like Shuaib was the killer afterall O.O
Not too shabby but I wished there was more running =P