Her Birthday ♥

To that special someone
Happy birthday!
To many more birthdays together =)

One word to sum it all up... Memorable =3
Heaven Gate in Penang is truly a glimpse of heaven
Look how surprised she is!
I'm glad she's happy
She always order seafood because she couldn't when she's with me
Officiating with the cake cutting ceremony
Thanks for being a part of the surprise guys!
Wouldn't be a success without your cooperation hahaha
Special thanks to the two girls
One for being the camerawoman for the night
n' the other for being on time XD
I know your birthday has long gone but
Happy birthday!
After all is said n' done...
This is the place where we dine in
Black Market
This is the life.

Selfie All the Way!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chen Rachel
for allowing us to wreck her home
Let us proceed to the steamboat n' some dry swimming
It's a selfie day, all the way!

In the process of the wreckage n' the owner still looks happy with it
This is the cute lil Vivi, well not exactly little =P
You must be wondering what is dry swimming XD
Doing some R & D
The cavalry has arrived
Happy birthday to a certain someone!
But first, let me take a selfie *haha*
Calculating the exact width and height of the camera lenses

Special thanks to all the selfies =)


Let me seeeeee
I lost track how many times I've been so lucky.
Oh well, don't let it stop! Keep it coming =P

Again. Though we didn't managed to split it amongst ourselves.

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