Love, Life, Live

Yea, it's a rather long name to begin with
Especially since it's a fellowship event =P
I know I graduated but it's Friday
n' I've nothing better to do!

Jeff saying hi to the camera
Hmmm, I couldn't help but notice the resemblance =P
Getting to know each other for the first time
Hanh introducing herself
Don't be shy, dig in!
I wanted to be part of the dog group =(
Round, n' round you go
Till you get everyone in the circle
Rule no. 1 - be safe!!!
Okay, kids. strictly no internet!
Can you write with your legs as well as you walk?
1! 2! 1! 2! 1! 2!

No matter, task still completed =)
You took my breath away~
Evolutions of chimpanzees
Nocturnal creatures of the night =)
The puppy group >_<
I had to sacrifice for the greater good =')

Credits to Sen

ENG 1011!

You probably know ENG 1010 is PSA
n' ENG 1081 is Physics.
Those two are the closest to ENG 1011 with only one digit difference
Let me introduce you ENG 1011 : How to party like an engineer!

Catching up with fellow engineers

Domino's Pizza for dinner but they arrived 2 hours late!
n' guess what?
The attitude of the delivery man is BULLSHIT!!!
Shouldn't get my mood spoiled because of some retarded person.

We still manage to have our fair share of fun
Looks like we're all busy so we just decided to have a 3 in 1 birthday

Thanks to Terry for loaning the house for the catching up session!

Ancora Imparo!

Graduated but still ancora imparo!
Just passing by the graduation
for a few close buddies. =)
Congrats once again!

Evan Cheong, always behind me during exams
KK, another one of Prof Ong's students
Violet, winner of our Leo event!
Ashley, we once starved together XD
Huey Chyi, n' tai ka che, Jia Huey
Jun Min, she's an engineering encyclopedia
Janice aka Miss Foo
Pui Ee, those flowers aren't from me okay? xD
Orange Juice, now an employee in Singapore
Jun Rong, soon to master engineering
Not to forget, King Kong!
n' that ends our degree life!

Time to take the next step in life!
Like it or not...

Brand's Day

Well, I'm back after a two month hiatus.
Brandon didn't post these pictures earlier n'
I couldn't help noticing I have OCD
Soooo, it's 3/3/13
Could have celebrated for Hanyin too if it wasn't for work =.=

Dining at TheBee
what's with that mac n' cheese?
So, I heard it's your birthday?
Blessed birthday bro! =)
A shot of the couple
Somehow, this picture is missing something...
Ahhhh, that looks better with me in it ^_^
What's left of the birthday cake.

Peace out!