Uptown Girl!

Our very own Kylie Westlife's birthday!
Obviously, she's a fan of Westlife hence the title of the post =P
Though the dateline for our final year project is just round the corner,
we still manage to celebrate this special occasion with her.

Qian Ru's creative birthday cake!
Westlife blowing the candles out
In her mindset, we're still not able to make it to her celebration
The gals shopping for Minnie Mouse t-shirt right before the surprise
Couple T?
Remember I recently had a haircut?
The turnout of the celebration was more than what was expected
Look at Kim's bad ass hairstyle
I'm flying without wings!!!
Happy 21st Birthday, Westlife!
I wonder was she shy or ecstatic beyond words
Green tea cake from RT pastry
The Leo Club gang!
Photo album from us Leos
Rose among the thorns

The first time both of us smiling with teeth shown
Forced to take a picture with me XD

Boon Hoe Fong n' myself
I felt harassed by the engineering guys especially by Ge Wei!
Our miss Kylie is a polaroid addict!
Time to say farewell =)
Another surprise awaiting for her when she heads home...

Pictures courtesy of Hooinee Ang n' the birthday gal herself!


She's been off to Singapore for work for at least half a year.
The last I remembered seeing her was during her graduation back in November
She's here this time round as she had just recently quit the job.
Talk about bad employers n' the threats she received as an employee
Looks like quitting the job is the only option!

The person I had been talking about is Chee Sheun
Woke up way early in the morning for BKT at Klang
Wen Pei managed to join us too, after a long hiatus
A picture with our long lost Chee Sheun!

Double portion >_<
Bromance since the beginning of time =S
Famous cendol dessert right after with durian ice cream toppings!
Chee Sheun n' Wen Pei
Unfortunately, I couldn't join them for more gossips at Pyramid
I had to go for a haircut appointment
See the changes I made to my hair? XD
Looks drastic, doesn't it?

Well, till next time we meet! =)

Once again, credits to
Brian Chye Yeong Thean!

Final Year Project : Completion

After 4 years of studies in the field of engineering of Monash University,
it all boils down to this, the final year project!
I had nothing more to offer after shedding so much blood, sweat n' tears...
At long last, the completion of my engineering degree is finally within grasp!

My coursemates throughout the 4 years of my engineering degree
Kim reports on his findings about the CPC just before my presentation
A total of 40 students completing their FYP this semester
The first minute didn't went too well but the momentum picked up right after
Kim feeling relieved? Still have to sit throughout the boring presentation >_<
Ge Wei having completed his presentation
Trust me, I'm an Engineer!
Us mechanical students with Dr Hung Yew Mun!
Presentation of final year project : mission accomplished!
The 3 girls who came n' supported us despite being non engineers
Still not smiling eh? =P
One question? Don't we look like a cute couple here? XD
Twins again... with Boon
Act cute. Nuff said.
Westlife die hard supporter
We're about to stay awake for more than 24 hours
Brace yourselves!!!
As expected, it ain't gonna be easy =.=
I'm done! That's a wrap!
4 years of Engineering n' it's all about this thesis!
Report of final year project : mission accomplished!
Signature before our submission
That's how you are supposed to look after more than 36 hours 
sleep deprived. no shower.

Credits to all those people who assisted me throughout the whole course of my degree!
Much appreciated!!!