Of Robes n' Mortarboards!

Just one final semester left n' I'll be set for the graduation ceremony!
Watching my friends n' seniors graduate sure made me impatient.
Well, since this post is a delayed one, I've already graduated!
Though the ceremony is all the way in November =)
It's not my day, so I'll just get on with the post!
Met the both of them right outside of my lab session just before to the ceremony
Vwayhuan, pretty unique name right?
Yi Fon, my buddy back from my days in A- Levels
Wenyi, my Leo member =P
Group picture with them business graduates!
Sue Tee, I think she's doing her masters currently in Monash
With miss smiles, Jee Ying XD
n' her bunch of friends
June n' her huge certificate
Michelle JLP =P
Top business student, Heng Luen!
"Mom" who just grauated, Shu Shan
"Dad" is in Australia =S
Pei Yee, pursuing her ACCA now
Top : Chian Wen n'
Bottom : Suet Fong!

Leo Club Gang! Morning session
Us again! =P
Chengwei n' Boon Hoe just after finishing test.
Pizza Hut for lunch before rushing back for classes
Daniel, just back from work n' travel
Chieh Ai, her other half is nowhere to be seen O.o
Woon Hann, from Klang - famous for BKT
Ee Ann, changed so much from the last I saw her
Arvind, 9gag supporter
Laura, hottest chick in engineering! XD
Chien, the psycho-logist LOL
Sook Yan, the one with the gila results =.=
The guys with Chien! XD
Leo Club Gang! Night session

Once again, congratulations to the graduates
n' thanks for all the picture! ^_^

Only in Malaysia!

Ever seen such occurrences?
Only happens in Malaysia!

 Don't understand what is going on?
Take a closer look!
Happened at Monash Sunway Campus a few months back

On a more random note!
Jedi wannabe =P
Everyday I'm spanar-ing
McDonald's breakfast are awesome
but my sleep is more awesome =.=
The last Tropicana meeting!
Dream or Reality?

Peace out peeps!

John Carter

Remember Janice? the auditor?
She was currently working with hitz.fm
If I recalled correctly, four passes to premium screening was given by Jakeman!
Janice was indecisive, sooo she let me make the decision on who to invite along.
Well, of course without a doubt, I self-invited myself =P

The fate of this planet rests in his hands... John Carter!
Janice, our professional auditor *heehee*
Four premium screening pass to John Carter!
Boon Hoe n' Pei Yee tagged along =)
Have I mentioned this was my first time to premium screenings? ^_^V

Everyone ♥ free goodies!!!

Double Trouble for Brandon & HanYin!

We had both of them thinking that they were celebrating birthday for each other
Luckily for us that both of them manage to come for the celebration.
This time, we went to somewhere out of the norm.
Kitchen Creatures

'birthday girl' waiting for the 'birthday boy' XD
Preparing to dine in
Still waiting for the birthday boy!!!
Boon Hoe can't help but laugh =D
Patricia n' Pei Yee
Looks delicious! >_<
I wonder she's showing off the food or her handphone =P
Looks like they finally made it!
We're already done by the time they came,
all that's left is the cake =D
Brandon Choong n' Brian Chye
Girls in action
Wondering the cake is for who?!?
Priceless expressions
Looks awesome right?
Nope I didn't bake it, I bought it *haha*
Wishing upon a star
Notice anything by now? XD
What a coincidence that they wore the same colour during the celebration.
The birthday organizer aka treasurer *self proclaim*
HanYin n' yours truly!
There would always be a flaw in our pictures
This only happens on his birthday!!! =.=
Happy Birthday!
From all of us!
Wang Lee Hom original DVD
Took a risk since she went to his concert just the day before!
Luck was with us ^_^
Samsonite laptop bag
This bag definitely looks more professional! =P
Happie faces! =D
Our family portrait as usual! ♥
Wong Kok for teatime before heading to the cinema =)
Once again, happie birthday guys! ^_^

Credits to Brian Chye!