Four years down the line
Everyone's graduated n' working
It's hard to arrange a gathering with everyone
We'll just have to make do with what we have xD

Paul's birthday, after Man of Steel
Luckily, this wasn't the Delicious in Pyramid.
Just looking at the staffs there gives me the goosebumps
Farewell for Jon heading towards JB
I miss Klang bak kut teh!
Burger Junkyard recommended by Jen Han
for our Mr. Woo
Kim with his camwhore skills
This is because I had forgotten to take a group pic
Just take a look at that breakfast!
Welcome back cum birthday for Jon

Brothers =)


Catching up with the past Leos
It's been awhile since I last organised a session like this
Thanks to Chien for being initiative =)
Time. really flies

A picture perfect moment with all the smilies =)
It was the first time since I removed my braces
Bros will be bros.
Catching up on good times
Ken, Heng Luen n' their females ;)
Surprisingly all of them have birthdays that falls close to each other
It isn't an easy feat for such a turnout.
With great power, comes great responsibility

On a side note,
Lik Sing chairing his last meeting as the Tropicana boss
The end of another fiscal year!

Thank you all for a wonderful time in Leo
Leadership. Experience. Opportunity.
Opportunity to Experience Leadership!


A much delayed post due to insufficient pictures of my group
Before we service the community, we must service ourselves xD
Without further ado, let me present to you
what is creative camwhoring.

The newbies
Shuaib addressing the crowd
Taking up the Leo pledge
We've been there before...
Doesn't sound right
Leo isn't for everyone. There are already missing faces.
First, get your stomach filled
Om nom nom nom
Then, comes the creative part
Doesn't look that we're in the same group
Let's rock n' roll baby~
Don't we look alike?
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's nothing =.=
Hug a tree today!
Ooops I did it again!!!
Flying kiss from Miyuru O.o
I need some O2
Planking, sitting, sleeping, chilling
which one you prefer?
What are they trying to do hmm?
Stoning with stones
Haha looks pretty similar to my group

Twinkle twinkle little star
Excuse me, I'm not recyclable.
Lookie at our pretty faeces oops i meant faces
Gonna take a quick bath
Everybody loves kung fu fighting!
She really is into pink @_@
n' the winners are...
these guys!
He's at a payphone trying to call home
Thanks for the entertainment!
Till next time