Excursion to Malibu

Malibu = Malacca in Layman's terms
yesh I know Malibu is somewhere in California
I have no clue where the idea came out from though.

Day trip to Malacca with Brian, Chien, Shu Shan n' ViranThis is what happens when you only slept 3 hours the night beforeNyonya food for breakfast
Mee siam, Nyonya laksa n' pai tee was all I could rememberAll hail Angry Birds!
Just an addict for a day I guess =P
I'm finally over and done with all sorts of games!!!Waiting anxiously for one of Malacca's trademark fooood
Been craving this since the last trip
but it was a letdown this time T_TDurian puff
Not as creamy as compared to the previous trip.Cendol at Jonker 88I tasted better cendol although Malacca is quite famous with their cendolWent on some window shopping while
trying to digest all those cholesterolLayered cakes aka Crepes are totally marvelous =PThis is where the camwhoring session starts *haha*Ready? Aim. Snap! *lol*
Spot the *sesat one*
Some police tank from the olden days.
Monkey-ing around
Not everyone can get to snap with this statue okay? xDViran stole my limelight =(
*smacks him in the head*Taking a break from camwhoring. NOT! XD
Don't we look angelic from this angle?
Wow, that's huge. What are you thinking? *grins*♥ the pic on top
Wonder if we can catch a ride back to Subang? >_< Last pit stop in Malacca, Satay Celup!
This was the most satisfying meal of the day IMOThe luvbirds were finally able to meet after we left Malacca at about 7
Taken at KTZ at SS2. This was only because Murni was closed! xD

Credits to Brian Chye for the camwhore pictures as well as tour around Malibu!
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